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Mall Security - Imprints Sept 4, 2020

Mall Security has returned with his first new album in 11 years. The origins of "Imprints" go back to a time we can't even pin down. Some time after 2009's "Simple Circuits," Mall Security made an EP's worth of tracks, tentatively planned a 12" release on another notable electronic label. However, the sessions evolved into an entire full-length album, the result of which became a different project altogether. Mall Security shared the album with us and we began plans to release it at I, Absentee. At the time, however, we were occupied with quite a few other releases, which took longer than expected and we never quite settled on how and when we'd release the album. It was finally when the "Lost Transmissions" release came onto our radar, we decided we'd do "Imprints." simultaneously with it. We're very pleased to finally be able to share this album, which showcases Mall Security's exceptional talent and features some of our favorite work of his to date.

Forrest has released a couple new albums. The first is "Infinite Past," available on digital or cassette from the Regional Attraction label. The second is "Wolven Temples," available as a very limited CD direct from Forrest.

Milieu has reissued his "Our Blue Rainbow" album as a complete sessions collection, featuring the sister remix albums "Our Blue Remixes" and "Our Bonus Remixes." This is actually the way we originally proposed reissuing the album on I, Absentee back in 2010. However, we ultimately ended up including the "Bent Appletape" album instead, which was previously unreleased at the time. We encourage you to check out this complete sessions edition, featuring remixes from Mrs Jynx, Am-Boy, Wisp and many more.

Danny Potpourri, a.k.a D.D. NewMole, has released a new album called "Leaves Room" over at Moss Archive.

Mall Security - Imprints IA064

1. Holographic Sports Car
2. Restless Midnight
3. Flexible Stance
4. Security Concerns
5. Rygill
6. Klipper Shave
7. Shake Your Little Booty
8. The Bump
9. Unstableton
10. Sringing

Imprints - Cover

The Red Falcon Projects - Lost Transmissions Jun 5, 2020

The Red Falcon Projects have returned from a long sabbatical with a full-length collection of rare and unreleased tracks called "Lost Transmissions." The concept of the album arose after we took on the "Revised Falcon Projects" collection back in 2016, over at our sister label Silverback Anarch. That release combined the works of "The Twilight Fires: Volume Four" and the "Ravishing Extras" remix collection into one place. After completing that project, the conversation continued that just as many rare and unreleased original tracks from the duo existed. So we invited them to compile those tracks, the results of which are "Lost Transmissions."

The album contains tracks recorded between 2008 - 2014, many of which are released for the first time. Also included are two remixes, the first of which is Black Moth's Super Rainbow's "Gangs In The Garden", which was originally made available through BMSR's Soundcloud page ahead of their 2012 "Cobra Juicy" album. Also included is a previously unreleased remix of Mike Simonetti's "The Third Of The Storms," the original of which was released on his 2011 album "Capricorn Rising."

"Lost Transmissions" is available on cassette or digital via our Bandcamp page, or through most digital retailers. The artwork comes courtesy of the talented Eric Lee.

Over at our aforementioned sister label, Silverback Anarch, we've released the debut album album from tripDauphin - "Until The Trees Vibrate The Sky" (XXX022). tripDauphin is the collaboration of Warren Kroll (Dorosoto, Forrest), Kevin Howell and Max Peterson. The album was recored summer 2014 in Washington.

Also at Silverback Anarch is Dorosoto - "NEOH TV" (XXX023), a new single available at a price of your choosing.

RFP's alter-ego, High Tides, has released a digital single called "Zolar" over on Rad Cult.

Forrest has released a new piece called "In The Light Of The Garden / Reductions," available on digital or as a very limited edition CD. Forrest also recently completed a live performance for the Bonkers! livestream. The complete set with visuals by Steve Dogman has been published on our YouTube page.

We'll be back soon with a new album from Mall Security.

The Red Falcon Projects - Lost Transmissions IA065

1. Return To Planet Falcon
2. Sleazy Fax
3. Mobile Lab (Dirt Beat Version)
4. Raedon Drum & Bass
5. Gangs In The Garden (Sacrificial Garden Version)
6. Arpdia
7. Goonies III
8. Solid Foundation
9. Theme From Red Falcon
10. RFP Beat
11. Club Traxx
12. Nasty Good Woman
13. Cyren Song
14. Lancid Chestbar
15. The Third Of The Storms (Acid Dub)
Lost Transmissions - Cover

Magic Arrows - Sweet Heavenly Angel Of Death Jun 7, 2019

For our reissue of Magic Arrows' classic album "Sweet Heavenly Angel Of Death," we embarked on one of our most ambitious projects ever. The project began when Magic Arrows and Brian Grainger of Milieu and Coppice Halifax made us aware of an alternate, demo version of the album, featuring alternate takes and unreleased tracks. From there, we began also trying to collect rare Magic Arrows tracks from the era, such as "Yaphet Kotto," originally release on a split 7" with String Threory and "She's A Light / Iowa," originally released on a 2005 compilation for Darla Records.

The real challenge came in tracking down the masters, as Magic Arrows had lost most of them. Thus began a journey that lasted months trying to reassemble the lost vaults of Magic Arrows. The project would not have been possible without the assistance of Brian Grainger and Erik Kowalski, who had obtained the original files from Magic Arrows years ago. Magic Arrows was also able to recover many long lost tracks himself along the way. The project became so massive, it unearthed multiple albums worth of unreleased Magic Arrows content, much of which still has not seen the light of day. We hope that may someday change, but we had our hands quite full with this reissue alone, so we kept our focus here.

After the long and twisting journey it was to compile the album, our next step was obtaining the blessing of the original label, Wobblyhead, to reissue the album. This too proved a bit of a challenge, but eventually we were able to get in touch with Jeff Baumann and Rob Sevier from the label. The granted us their support and even provided us sealed CD copies of the original album to sell.

We ultimately ended up with two different versions of the album. The first is a direct reissue of the original Wobblyhead album, with no changes to the track list. This is available digitally for the first time, with original CD copies from Wobblyhead also available. The second version, which we call the Expanded Edition, is essentially a demo version of the album, with nearly every song differing from the final album versions. There are also several rare and unreleased tracks from the era, including the ones mentioned above, as well as a new remix from Coppice Halifax. This edition has been pressed on double cassette or a digital edition available exclusively from our Bandcamp page. The album was lovingly remastered by Brian Grainger, but we should note, due to the original recordings being aged home demos, the sound quality sometimes varies. Our version features all new artwork from the always excellent Eric Lee.

If that wasn't enough for you, over at our sister label, Silverback Anarch, we've also released an all new double album of material from Magic Arrows - "The Best Of Vietnam" (XXX021). This album was actually intended to be the final Magic Arrows album, but some other projects have since surfaced. Magic Arrows considers it one of the most accomplished works of his career, so be sure to check it out.

Dorosoto - "Nasty Audibles" (XXX020) sees the return Dorosoto with an all new EP. Silverback Anarch is handling digital distribution, while a cassette edition is available via Illuminated Paths. A music video for the song "Data Crunch" can be seen here.

Forrest has released a new album called "Dronoeuvres" over at the Afterhours Ltd. label.

High Tides has released a new digital EP called "Deja Bu" on Rad Cult.

Halogen is the pre-Alpha Aesar collaboration of Dorosoto and 21 Jumpsuit. "Ideas And Forms (1998 - 2000)" is available on the European label Bulbless! Records, available on digital or as an extremely limited, hand-designed CDr.

Magic Arrows - Sweet Heavenly Angel Of Death IA062

1. Untitled 1
2. Nobody Is Going To Tell You These Things
3. Jude's Theme
4. Buffalo Gals
5. Stand By Me
6. Train Yourself
7. Nervous
8. Churchman
9. A German
10. Untitled 2
11. Burning Sermon
12. Officer Wind
13. Buzz
14. Keef
15. Alliance Interlude
16. Alien Rescue Vessel
17. He's Coming
18. One Thousand Dances (Coppice Halifax Remix)
19. Death Track
20. Yaphet Kotto
21. She's A Light / Iowa
Sweet Heavenly Angel Of Death - Cover

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