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Death Certificate May 18, 2021

We've reached the final release at I, Absentee. "Death Certificate" is the bookend to our "Birth Certificate" compilation, which was released in our first year of operations back in 2008. The idea for "Death Certificate" goes back to 2011, when we did our "Truth Serum" compilation. We felt we achieved most of what we could do with a compilation on that release, so we decided we'd never do another one, unless it was the final release on the label. That thought instantly inspired the title, "Death Certificate." However, we had no idea when or where the end would ever come, so the idea remained tucked away for a decade.

We first had thoughts of concluding the label a couple years ago. The reason is simple; we feel we've completed what we wanted to do. We had two last releases we needed to finish before we could do "Death Certificate." The first was "Imprints," while the second was a bvdub release. Both had been in the plans for quite some time. Ultimately, as the idea appealed to us more and more of starting on "Death Certificate," we fast-tracked "Imprints" and decided to incorporate bvdub into the compilation, alongside several other artists and ideas we'd been thinking about. The decision to end the label was an organic, natural decision, independent of any financial or logistical limitations. We felt it was time and work began on the compilation back in 2019.

The bvdub track is essentially where the compilation began. Clocking in at nearly 17 minutes, not only does it serve as something of a mini release within the compilation, it likewise connects back to our 2009 release, "Embryondic Audio Restoration." bvdub was originally planned to be a part of that release, but had to bow out due to scheduling conflicts. While his remix for "Death Certificate" is a newly created piece, it kills two birds with one stone and essentially stands as his I, Absentee release.

Two tracks from another planned release were also folded into "Death Certificate." At one time, we were planning a fifth installment of "The Twilight Fires" remix series, this time highlighting Magic Arrows. However, we got so consumed with his "Sweet Heavenly Angel of Death" reissue, we ended up merging this idea as well into "Death Certificate." The remixes by Odd Nosdam and Celer initially came about this way.

Nearly all of the other tracks on "Death Certificate" were composed specifically for the compilation, with only a couple exceptions. TOBACCO joins us again with an unreleased track recorded in 2010. It was made in the summer of our George's Video show, which plays heavily in the compilation artwork, so TOBACCO felt it was a fitting farewell. Speaking of the artwork, TOBACCO also let us use one of his drawings. The album design is by Edwin Wong, who also did our "Birth Certificate" compilation. The cover painting is by Peg Forrest.

The album's aim was a final rendezvous with friends, one last night around the campfire. It was a project we made for ourselves, a memento of not only the label, but our days on the road, afternoons making music, nights hanging out, ideas exchanged, laughs had, collaborations made. For the listener, we hope "Death Certificate" represents 13 years of art condensed into a single piece. We were fortunate to have musical contributions from Night Sequels, Dorosoto, Mall Security, 21 Jumpsuit, Joseph Midadeo, Milieu, The Seven Fields Of Aphelion, Black Moth Super Rainbow, High Tides, Magic Arrows, Tim Koch, D.D. NewMole and Moustache Mountain, in addition to the aforementioned artists. Those not with us musically were with us in spirit and acknowledged in the album's liner notes.

Having said that, what's ending specifically are new releases under the name I, Absentee. The label will still serve as a publishing unit, keeping older titles available and also distributing our sister label, Silverback Anarch. To date, Silverback Anarch has basically been a way to help out artist friends, who needed a resource to distribute their music digitally to streaming and download platforms. The label operated quietly as an extension of what we were doing at I, Absentee. With I, Absentee ceasing new releases, Silverback Anarch may venture in new directions, but the publishing portion will continue to run through I, Absentee, as we already have the infrastructure in place and the easiest path is to continue to make use of it.

Speaking of Silverback Anarch, our latest release is a split album between Dorosoto + Body-san. Body-san is Brandon Knocke of Portland, OR. He's also released material on Lo Recordings and 100% Silk and previously recorded under the name Discoverer. Check out his excellent catalogue if you've never done so. "Steel Clouds" (XXX024) was released on cassette back in March via the Pearsoll Peak label. We're distributing the album digitally, it is available now on most platforms. We'll have more new music to come via Silverback Anarch.

If you've never taken a look at our "24/7 Bermuda Triangle" project, we encourage you to do so. It's a concept we worked at, on and off, throughout the entire course of the label. We've recently added what will be the final tracks for the release, which serve as something of a coda to the label. The original version of Dorosoto's Amber & Moss can be found there, which is remixed by bvdub for "Death Certificate." There's also a remix by Alex Scheiwe of Magic Arrows, which is the final of "The Twilight Fires" tracks, alongside the Odd Nosdam and Celer remixes on "Death Certificate." There's unreleased material from all eras of the label, so if it's been awhile since you checked it out, there's some new pieces to be heard.

In closing, we'd like to acknowledge everyone who joined us on the journey. I, Absentee is of a time and a place. This is the end of a chapter, not the end of the book. The people behind it all continue in new and different ways. Enjoy the music, thank you and farewell.

- The guilty parties collectively known as I, Absentee.

Various Artists - Death Certificate IA066

1. Night Sequels - 1234Funk
2. Milieu - Burnt Violet
3. Joseph Minadeo - She Walks In Beauty
4. High Tides - Coastal Cruise '86 (Night Sequels Remix)
5. The Seven Fields Of Aphelion - Labyrinths
6. Lunar Testing Lab - Deep Solar Minimum
7. Dorosoto - Xarz Voor
8. Dorosoto - Amber & Moss (bvdub's Red Depths In Space Mix)
9. TOBACCO - The New Guthy Renker
10. Magic Arrows - Perhaps Tomorrow (Odd Nosdam Remix)
11. High Tides - Beach Breeze
12. Forrest - Mind In Focus
13. Moustache Mountain - Hawk On Pettibone
14. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Psychic Love Damage (Night Sequels Mix)
15. Mall Security - Superior Infection
16. 21 Jumpsuit - Shelby
17. D.D. NewMole - Lapse Of Deflation
18. High Tides - Lines On The Horizon (Tim Koch Remix)
19. Magic Arrows - Churchman (Celer Remix)
20. Joseph Midadeo - In The Wilds Of Fiery Climes

Death Certificate - Cover

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