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Magic Arrows - Ultraviolet Butterflies Feb 11, 2018

We have officially passed the 10 year milestone here at I, Absentee. We've been going a lot longer than we could have ever anticipated and we're very thankful for all of the artists and supporters alike who have kept us going a decade and counting. We're excited about some projects on the horizon and have several releases lined up for 2018.

Magic Arrows has returned with his first album for I, Absentee in four years, "Ultraviolet Butterflies." The album is a new, high watermark in the classic Magic Arrows sound, rightly taking it's place alongside some of his most widely praised material, such as "Sweet Heavenly Angel Of Death." The album has had a long, strange journey to reach this point. Initially conceived as a collaboration project, it ultimately developed as a solo Magic Arrows effort. Upon it's completion, it was scheduled for release on another reputable label, but due to unforeseen circumstances beyond anyone's control, the album underwent extensive delays. Finally in 2017, Magic Arrows approached I, Absentee about picking up the album and we are pleased to bring this long overdue treasure to light.

The artwork was done by Eric Lee, with mastering by The Analog Botanist. The same team has released an excellent companion single for "Bird Within Him" over at Wil-Ru Records, featuring an exclusive, near seventeen minute long Coppice Halifax remix of tracks from the album.

"Ultraviolet Butterflies" is released on cassette and digital formats on March 2, 2018. Please note that the final track, "Art Of Listening," is exclusive to the cassette and Bandcamp editions of the album. We will return with more Magic Arrows later this year, including an extensive revisit of his aforementioned "Sweet Heavenly Angel Of Death," featuring loads of previously unreleased material.

We recently released another project from Scott Beschta over at our sister label, Silverback Anarch. The project is known as Schizophonik, a collaboration between Beschta and Byron Christl. We have also partnered back up with Dan Petrarca (D.D. NewMole, GILA, 80 Pounds) for a series of releases. First, we reissued his debut Potpourri album, originally released by Dangerous Age. We also released an all new Potpuourri album, called "Insouciant." Last but not least, we released a self-titled compilation of D.D. NewMole material, featuring many of his I, Absentee tracks, alongside some rare and previously unreleased material.

Potpourri - "Potpourri" (XXX0014). Digital reissue of his 2012 album, originally released on Dangerous Age.

Potpourri - "Insouciant" (XXX015). All new album from Potpourri, a.k.a. Dan Petrarca, D.D. NewMole.

D.D. NewMole - "D.D. NewMole" (XXX016). New compilation spanning D.D. NewMole's entire career, featuring many of his classic I, Absentee tracks, as well as rare and previously unreleased tracks.

Schizophonik - "Ticket To Ride" (XXX017). Collaboration between Scott Beschta (Magic Arrows) and Byron Christl.

We are excited about some upcoming Silverback Anarch projects that are in the works, which we can't quite announce yet. The label will continue to feature a lot of artists we've worked with at I, Absentee, but will also be venturing into new directions as well.

Lastly, in other news, Tobacco released the "Ripe And Majestic" collection, featuring remixes, rarities and unreleased tracks. A few I, Absentee related tracks can be found in the collection. "On A Puffy Black Day," from our "Birth Certificate" compilation, can be found under the name "Octogram." Tobacco's remix of Dorosoto's "Emerald Building..." from "Embryonic Audio Restoration" can be found under the name "Washed" and his remix of The Red Falcon Projects' "Probotector" from "Revised Falcon Projects" can be found under the name "Old Man Kid." It's a great way to collect all the tracks in one spot if you missed them on the previous releases.

Magic Arrows - Ultraviolet Butterflies IA061

1. Perhaps Tomorrow
2. Bird Within Him
3. Wonderful Sleep
4. Guitar Loops 1
5. Man On The Shore
6. Portion Of Sorrow
7. Understand This River
8. Siddartha
9. Guitar Loops 2
10. Art Of Listening
Ultraviolet Butterflies - Cover

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