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Hakobune / Silverback Anarch Feb 26, 2017

Six years ago, we invited Hakobune to take part in our "Truth Serum" compilation. Hakobune is Takahiro Yorifujo of Tokyo, Japan. Since 2007, he has steadily built admirers from around the globe, following releases on labels such as Hibernate, Nomadic Kids Republic and Install, as well as collaborations with the likes of I, Absentee label-mate Celer and Pleq. Using guitar layers to create signature, sonic landscapes, his music developed into a perfect fit for the label. "Landfall" marks Hakobune's debut full-length at I, Absentee, pressed on CD, with a glossy, UV digipak, limited to 300 copies worldwide. Despite running three tracks, the album clocks in past the 40 minute mark and is officially released on CD / digital March 10, 2017. We have more releases behind us than ahead of us at I, Absentee, so we hope you'll give "Landfall" a listen, as a lot of time and effort went into it.

We also continue to develop Silverback Anarch, which is a division of I, Absentee currently focused on digital distribution. We will be opening a wing of the website dedicated to all things Silverback Anarch soon, but in the meantime, here is a recap of what we've been doing there.

Lunar Testing Lab - "Nightmusik" (XXX004). Digital reissue of his 2012 album, originally released on Secret Station.

Lunar Testing Lab - "The Winter Void" (XXX005). Digital reissue of his 2012 album, originally released on Secret Station.

Lunar Testing Lab - "Into The Dark Distance" (XXX006). Digital reissue of his 2013 album, originally released on Secret Station.

Lunar Testing Lab - "The Alvord Expanse" (XXX007). Digital reissue of his 2014 album, originally released on Secret Station.

Talons' - "Pandemia" (XXX008). Talons' returns for his first work with us since 2009. "Pandemia" is a project originally considered for release by I, Absentee, but schedules didn't quite align at the time, so Talons' self-released it in 2010. The album is a departure from his traditional sound, venturing into more electronic frontiers. More appropriate than ever in 2017, we are proud to finally bring this gem under our umbrella.

Buenos Aires - "The Lake Effect" (XXX009). Buenos Aires is the duo of Magic Arrows and Time Constant. This is a digital reissue of their 2011 debut album, originally released on Secret Station.

Buenos Aires - "Camera Party" (XXX010). All new, sophomore album from Buenos Aires, exclusively released on Silverback Anarch.

Magic Arrows - "Silver Apples On A Jade Tree" (XXX011). Excellent new album from Magic Arrows, which sees him venturing into dub techno, as well as expanding on his ambient soundscapes.

Magic Arrows - "Turning Points" (XXX012). Originally recorded back in 2005, around the time of "Zeta Grey,", it has remained unreleased until now. Featuring twelve tracks of signature Magic Arrows beats.

Magic Arrows - "Beatles And Stones" (XXX013). All new album from Magic Arrows, set to the rhythm of some artists you'll be sure to recognize. "Beatles And Stones" is our first ever ghost release, unavailable for purchase anywhere. However, dedicated Magic Arrows fans can uncover it one way or another…

In other news, Celer has recently released "Shima", a companion piece to his I, Absentee LP "Jima". You can currently find several Celer imports in the I, Absentee shop, including his collaboration album with Hakobune; "Vain Shapes And Intricate Parapets." All are available in the shop without any added import fees.

Illuminated Paths has recently reissued Dorosoto's "Hypnotic Gyre". This expanded edition, entitled "Hypnotic Gyre: Assembled," adds on most of the tracks from our "Rarefied Audio" release, as well as a bonus DVD of visuals, entitled "Video Verticil." We currently have several rare Dorosoto releases in our shop, including "Odd Matters," "Maxtoon Physics" and "Adernolneen;" his polarizing 2015 album for Tobacco's Rad Cult label.

Milieu has reissued his classic "New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies" album. This is a reissue of the expanded edition, originally released on I, Absentee in 2009. Fans of the album are also encouraged to check out "Echo Spectrum," an expanded, companion piece to New Drugs, featuring additional tracks from the era.

Lunar Testing Lab recently released the "Decima Project" compilation, which highlights LTL's remix and compilation work. Amongst the tracks, you can find his "Mock Orange" remix from "The Twilight Fires: Volume Three", his Dorosoto remix from "Embryonic Audio Restoration" and a previously unreleased remix for Rumorse, which was originally intended for our "Halogen Eve[r]" release.

Micko Westmoreland, who did an EP with us in 2010 as Wooden Spaceship, has recently released the "Remixes" collection, featuring a remix from The Red Falcon Projects (originally released in 2010), alongside acts such as Luke Vibert, Mike Paradinas and Si Begg.

We have a few more Silverback Anarch releases in the works over the coming months. As for I, Absentee, the date of our next release remains a mystery, but we shall return. Thanks as always for your support.

Hakobune - Landfall IA058

1. Pathless
2. Landfall
3. In The Escaping Sunlight

Landfall - Cover

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