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Power Pill Fist / High Tides July 24, 2015

The last time Power Pill Fist had a new album, I, Absentee was just beginning as a label. That was seven years ago. Today, we are happy to finally offer up "Werebeard," the new album from PPF. To say "Werebeard" has been long in the making would be an understatement. Power Pill Fist first approached us back in 2012 with some new material. We released the "Root Ball / Swear Jar" 7" in 2013, with the full-length initially scheduled to follow soon after. However, writing on the album continued and for quite awhile, the album drifted back into the shadows. Finally in 2015, recording on "Werebeard" came to a conclusion and the album was delivered, where it surfaces as just our second foray into cassette format, with a limited edition run of 100 copies.

In other news, High Tides is the latest project from Steven Lutes (Mall Security) and Warren Kroll (Forrest, Dorosoto), also known collectively as The Red Falcon Projects. After a series of well-received remixes for Tobacco and Black Moth Super Rainbow over the past couple years, High Tides signed to Tobacco's Rad Cult label, were you can now pre-order their debut album, released July 31, 2015 on digital, with the LP edition following in August.

Power Pill Fist - Werebeard IA057

1. Root Ball
2. The Brain Children
3. Swear Jar
4. Antrobus
5. Little Dude Guy
6. Stank Tank
7. Do Me A Solid
8. Razzinfrazzin
9. A Cloud Of Sad
10. Evenly Spaced Aces
11. My Mole Eyes

Werebeard - Cover

Celer - Jima Mar. 23, 2015

We are pleased, at long last, to bring Celer to the shores of I, Absentee, for his astonishing new album, "Jima." We have been admirers of Celer since the inception of the label, but it took seven years for the stars to align on a project together. That project is "Jima."

Launched in 2005, Celer is the work of Will Long, an American musician, educator, writer and photographer, living in Japan, who also curates the Two Acorns label. Initially a duo based in California with Danielle Baquet, Celer has continued as a solo project since 2009, releasing music on numerous esteemed labels, such as Home Normal, Infraction, Spekk, and/OAR and more. In addition, Will has collaborated on projects with notable artists such as Machinefabriek, Hakobune and others.

On the heels of 2014's excellent "Sky Limits," Celer arrives with the remarkable new full-length, "Jima." The album contains two pieces, each occupying an entire LP side: one side plunging into the depths of the conscience, while the flip side contrasts with a blissful crescendo. "Jima" stands as a jewel in the prolific career of Celer, showcasing an artist at the height of his craft. Meticulously assembled and packaged by both artist and label, "Jima" is limited to 300 copies worldwide; 200 on milky clear LP, 100 on sea blue. We've picked up where we left off on the Forrest LP, going to even greater lengths to present this album at the highest quality possible. Pre-orders are available now, with the album set for release April 21, 2015.

Celer - Jima IA060

1. Distant Misgivings
2. The Potential Of The Unnecessary

Jima - Cover

Rumorse - Halogen Eve[r] Jan. 19, 2015

In 2010, we released Rumorse's album, "Halogen Eve." In the wake of that album, Rumorse commissioned remixes for a planned series of EPs. The first of these, "Halogen[r]Eve," we released in 2011. The remainder of the remixes became oft-delayed and eventually unreleased. Now in 2015, I, Absentee has collaborated once again with Rumorse to complete the Halogen trilogy with "Halogen Eve[r]." The nine track collection compiles the remaining remixes, from the likes of Maps And Diagrams, IJO, Ketsa and many more. The Halogen cycle has spanned five years and with this, we are pleased to bring it to an appropriate conclusion, at the place it began.

We will next return with "Jima," the stunning I, Absentee debut from Celer. This will be a limited edition LP release. More details soon.

Rumorse - Halogen Eve[r] IA056

1. Drifting Chroma (Texture Remix By Naono)
2. Dream On (Tidy Kid Remix)
3. Halogen Eve (Maps And Diagrams Remix)
4. Sidechain (FMcontrol Remix)
5. Dream On (Amb Remix By IJO)
6. Drifting Chroma (Ketsa Remix)
7. Dream On (Brk Remix By IJO)
8. Electrah (Dupois Remix)
9. Drifting Chroma (Pilote Remix)

Halogen Eve[r] - Cover

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