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Forrest - Beyond The Withered Hills Sept. 28, 2014

About a year ago, we decided to revive I, Absentee, after a period of two years of near dormancy. The idea was to transition away from the handmade CDrs of past and shift into LP and premium quality releases. We've finally arrived at the first of these.

"Beyond The Withered Hills" is just the second studio album from Forrest, following CD reissues of his 2007 debut, "Summer Sounds Asleep" and the compilation "Senescence." The album was recorded over a span of six years, with initial writing commencing in 2006 in Canton, Ohio. The bulk of the recording took place in South Bend, Indiana, before concluding in Lacy, Washington in 2013. Written over hazy summer days and cool autumn nights cross country, using guitar, synths, voice and field recordings and more, it stands as Forrest's most personal record to date. Pressed on virgin vinyl, gold on the outside, black hue on the inside, the LP is limited to 250 copies worldwide. Pre-orders are available now, with the official release date of October 20, 2014.

"Beyond The Withered Hills" is both the conclusion of a year's labor, as well as the launch of the future of I, Absentee. The crafting of the album was as meticulous as anything we've ever done, only to be outdone by what we have coming next. We're currently at various stages of work on releases with Celer, BVDub and many more to be announced for 2015. The finest work we've ever done will be coming over the next twelve months, beginning now. We can't wait to bring you the next chapters.

Forrest - Beyond The Withered Hills IA050

Side A
1. Beyond The Withered Hills
2. Mirrored Meadow
3. Like Smoke In The Evening Air

Side B
4. Breathing Shore
5. Magic Dark Of Summer

Beyond The Withered Hills - Cover

Plantains' "I Feel Love" Featured in "Men, Women and Children" Trailer Aug. 20, 2014

The Plantains cover of "I Feel Love," from our "Career Retrospective" album, is featured in Paramount Pictures' trailer for the new film, "Men, Women & Children", directed by Jason Reitman. The film stars Ansel Elgort, Adam Sandler, Judy Greer, Emma Thompson, Jennifer Garner, Dean Norris, Kaitlyn Dever, Dennis Haysbert, J.K. Simmons, Rosemarie Dewitt and many more.

21 Jumpsuit - Hero Article Jul. 09, 2014

I, Absentee's roster began with three musicians; Dorosoto, Boozhownd Doggonit and 21 Jumpsuit. The latter hasn't been heard from since year one at the label, some forty five releases ago. 21 Jumpsuit has largely remained the most enigmatic act on the label, with no social media presence, scarce collaborations and an output of just two pieces. His under-the-radar approach makes discovering his work that much more of revelation. Six years after his debut, "I Heard You Were Away," 21 Jumpsuit returns with his sophomore full-length. "Hero Article" was written over the years that have followed, which, in spite of the lengthy development, results in a concise, to-the-point album. "Hero Article" is something of a hybrid, taking traces of the electronic, pock-rock style prominent in his earlier work and juxtaposing it with some more stripped down electronic pieces. The album is presented as a free download at our bandcamp page.

We are next embarking on a series of vinyl releases, beginning with our first LP, the new album from Forrest, "Beyond The Withered Hills." Some new and familiar faces will be surfacing at our shores as part of this ongoing changing of the guard.

21 Jumpsuit - Hero Article IA055

1. Hero Article
2. Squish
3. Sky
4. Con Man
5. Easy Rider
6. 3 Traffic Jams
7. Sailor Terry
8. Trouble
9. Crazy Eights
10. Missed Flight

Hero Article - Cover

Magic Arrows - Voyager Meditations Jun. 09, 2014

It's been three years since Magic Arrows' "Zeta Grey." In the time since, he's reissued his very scarce sophomore album, "The Theme," which included a bonus piece, "Descend Like Dove," via Earstroke Records. More recently there was the album "Pray" on Illuminated Paths. In between, there was even a remix album of Duran Duran tracks and a collaboration with Time Constant, under the name Buenos Aries.

Marking the first cassette release at I, Absentee, Magic Arrows returns with "Voyager Meditations." The album sees him in his most subtle form to date, taking on a slightly different tone, with seven ambient tracks which remain distinctly Magic Arrows. For "Voyager Meditations," we've done something we rarely do, which is present two different versions of the album. Once we decided to proceed with a cassette, we began conceiving with Magic Arrows ways to maximize use of the format. For the cassette edition, the tracks have been cross-faded to mix into one another on each side. Capping off the B side, there is an exclusive track, "Endgame," which is an outro loop specifically created to close out the tape. The digital version features separated tracks and does not include the outro loop. Each version features a different master as well, uniquely created for it's format. They are, in essence, intended to be a singular piece, presented in a manor customized to it's given format. The artwork is designed by Eric Adrian Lee of Wil-Ru Records, who also handled our recent Forrest reissues. This time, we took our collaboration a step further, commissioning Wil-Ru to design and manufacture "Voyager Meditations" in their signature amaray case packaging. The cassette edition is limited to 50 copies.

We will next return with a new album from 21 Jumpsuit, his first in six years! We are currently preparing the new Forrest album as well, which will be pressed on vinyl LP. More info soon.

Magic Arrows - Voyager Meditations IA054

1. Timeless 1
2. Goldsmith
3. Resolutions
4. Night Void
5. Goldsmith 2
6. Timeless 4
7. Resolutions 2
8. Endgame (cassette only)

Voyager Meditations - Cover

Forrest Reissues Apr. 01, 2014

In 2005, a pair of projects set in motion the origin of I, Absentee. The first was "Summer Sounds Asleep," the debut album from Forrest. The second was what became PIG's "The All Hamerican Pig Tour." The PIG documentary was completed and left in limbo for quite some time. "Summer Sounds Asleep," on the other hand, took on a much different path, beginning with a small run of copies, hand-made by Warren Kroll and given to friends, many of whom comprised the original I, Absentee roster.

Numerous other hand-made CDs began being swapped amongst each other in Ohio, by artists such as Alpha Aesar, Dorosoto, 21 Jumpsuit and Boozhownd Doggonit. Meanwhile, in the wake of the PIG tour, we also came upon SOW's "Dog" album album for the first time. These releases collectively, all without a label at the time, became the blueprint for I, Absentee.

"Summer Sounds Asleep" was then picked up in Europe by U-Cover for release, as well as Forrest's follow-up "Indiana Burn" EP. This was a small, but important validation that anyone besides ourselves might take an interest in what we were doing.

July 21, 2007, I, Absentee's concept began discussion for the first time. The first ten or so releases were mapped out, including the "Birth Certificate" compilation, which encompassed most of our original friends/collaborators. Year one of the label was loosely booked, with I, Absentee officially launching on January 1, 2008.

Though many took years to arrive, all titles initially discussed subsequently found their way to I, Absentee in one form or another, save for the Forrest discs. After a long stretch of dormancy at the label, which saw I, Absentee relocate from Ohio to California, we finally began returning to life full-time in late 2013. One of the first releases we discussed was a newly recorded Forrest album. Opting to aim for a vinyl release later this year, we took the opportunity to lead up to it by coming full circle and finally bringing the original Forrest releases under the I, Absentee banner for the first time.

"Summer Sounds Asleep" has been remastered by The Analog Botanist (Brian Grainger) and features new artwork by Eric Adrian Lee of Wil-Ru Records. It includes all tracks, as well as photography, from the original, self-released edition. The bonus Ontayso remix from the 2007 U-Cover edition has been swapped out, in favor of a remix from the original sessions by Dorosoto in it's place, which, to date, had only appeared on the ultra-limited "Rarefied Audio." EP. This marks the first time the album has seen a formal North American release, as well as being it's debut on digital format. The CD edition comes packaged in a high quality, UV-coated digipak.

Also released today is a second Forrest album, "Senescence," which recollects the Forrest EPs. The aforementioned "Indiana Burn" was previously released in Europe by U-Cover in 2007, while "Swepstone Songs" was previously released by us back in year one of the label in 2008, as a limited edition split with Moustache Mountain, which has long since been out of print. Lastly, "Sleeping Snakes" was a digi-single split, likewise with Moustache Mountain, which surfaced in 2009 via Actual Archives, which has since gone offline. All tracks, save for the last, see digital release for the first time. The CD edition is packaged in a high quality, UV-coated digipak. "Senescence" features new artwork by Eric Adiran Lee and is remastered by The Analog Botanist.

These releases bridge I, Absentee and Forrest's pasts to their future, converging as a primer to the forthcoming Forrest album, "Beyond The Withered Hills," due later this year on LP on I, Absentee.

We will next be releasing a new album by Magic Arrows, his first for I, Absentee since 2010's "Zeta Grey." In the meantime, check out his limited edition new release, "Pray" at Illuminated Paths.

Mall Security has released a new EP, "Completely Unmarketable," as he steadily works towards a new full-length. Meanwhile, his debut release under his alter-ego Kontyx, called "Various Program Errors," surfaced earlier this year.

Dorosoto has likewise released a new single, his first new material in several years; "Molly's Mood / Acid Insudtries." It marks a notable change in direction from where we last heard him.

Much more lies ahead in 2014 at I, Absentee. Stay tuned!

Forrest - Summer Sounds Asleep IA052

1. Free Loop I
2. Big Ben, Parliament
3. Free Loop II
4. Can You See?
5. Mercy (Fading)
6. Free Loop I (Faded Loop) By Dorosoto
7. Can You See? (Orlando Copping Mix)
8. Free Loop I (Dub) By Dorosoto)
9. Free Loop II (Ring Drones Mmx) By Milieu

Summer Sounds Asleep - Cover
Forrest - Senescnece IA053

1. Still Sun Through Fog
2. Indiana Burn
3. Still Dust Through Light
4. Quilted Pillows
5. The Basement Light
6. Figures (Fall Of The Good Leader)
7. Sleeping Sill

Senescence - Cover

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