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Lunar Testing Lab Redux Oct. 31, 2013

Five years ago today, we released the debut album from Lunar Testing Lab, Space Program. Today, we release the album as a free download, featuring new artwork from LTL. Originally, the album was book-ended by a pair of sister releases, self-released by Lunar Testing Lab. We've combined them for a proper reissue via I, Absentee. Space Debris / Space Transmission, the long lost companion audio, lands at Area 51 in the catalog, with new artwork and also available completely free. We have also published the Space Progam visuals, in their entirety via Vimeo. This includes the entire feature, all bonus content and the menus. You can stream below, or follow the link directly to the I, Absentee Vimeo page, where you can download the video file in it's entirety, for free. You'll want to keep an eye on our Vimeo page, where we'll be adding more video content in the months to come. These are also just the first in a series of Lunar Testing Lab projects we are working on. More to follow.

Space Transmission DVD (downloadable at the link below):

Lunar Testing Lab - Space Transmission from I, Absentee on Vimeo.

As we slowly get the synapses firing again at I, Absentee and in case you don't follow us on faceebook, here's a few bits you may have missed during our sabbatical. It is by no means a complete recap of what our friends and artists have been doing, but it covers a lot of ground on their activities.

The Red Falcon Projects at long last released their proper debut album, "Simply Ravishing," featuring cover art by Tobacco. It was released on LP and as a double CD, via Dilated Time Records. The CD version included a bonus disc, "Ravishing Extras," featuring exclusives and remixes from Tobacco, Night Sequels (Nick Huntington of Freescha), D'Arcangelo, Mrs Jynx, Discoverer, Danlel Savio and Nick Force. The CD is now sold out, but the vinyl is still available, which includes a download of "Ravishing Extras." I, Absentee produced a video for the track "Night Pool," from the album, which can be seen below:

The Red Falcon Projects - Night Pool from I, Absentee on Vimeo.

In other RFP news, Wil-Ru Records also did a digital reissue of their Microtonal Acid Dub session, which was previously available as a cassette only, direct from the artists.

Our old neighbors from our Ohio days, the excellent Infraction Records recently released "Varying Degrees Of Alive," the debut album by Lantscap. Lantscap is a collaboration we help set up between Ian Hawgood (Koen Park, owner of the Home Normal, Nomadic Kids Republic, Tokyo Droning and KoMu labels) and Warren Kroll (Forrest, Dorosoto, The Red Falcon Projects). The album is available on LP and digital and Infraction did a really stellar job with it, so check it out.

Dan Petrarca (aka D.D. NewMole, GILA, 80 Pounds) released a new album under the name Porpourri, via cassette only. The album is released via Dangerous Age, which is run by Gregory Boyd (Black Past, Drummer) and John Elliot (Emeralds).

Mike Tolan (Talons', Moustache Mountain) released a new project called Superstorms on Experimedia Records. The debut LP is available now on LP and digital. A follow-up EP, Summerstrains was released as a CDr or free download via Big Data.

Magic Arrows reissued his long impossible to find sophomore album, The Theme, which included a bonus disc of tunes, entitled "Descend Like Dove" on Earstroke Records. They also released a free download of Magic Arrows remixes of Duran Duran

Vizion Centaur released a follow-up to our Epochalypse album, which you can purchase directly from the artists, called Omens Of The Celestial Tomb.

Last but not least and coming full circle, Lunar Testing Lab released a new album Into The Dark Distance in digital format only at Secret Station Records.

Lunar Testing Lab - Space Debris / Space Transmission IA051

1. Shortwave 1 SSL Atencion
2. Z-Band
3. Openair
4. Shortwave 2
5. Skysaw
6. Cerulean Haze
7. Shortwave 3
8. Etalon
9. Autopilot
10. Shortwave 4
11. Satelight
12. Venera
13. Shortwave 5
14. Earthshine
15. Shortwave 6
16. Ocean Of Storms
17. Losat X
18. Shortwave 7
19. Vostok 1
20. Shortwave 9
21. Curulean Haze 2
22. Shortwave 9 SSL End
23. One Time Pad
24. Secret Signals
25. Slinky Antenna
26. Lunar Radio Control
27. Astro Logic
28. New Star Station
29. Rokot KM
30. Sunset Flip
31. Supercluster

Space Debris / Space Transmission - Cover

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