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Power Pill Fist Pre-Order Dec. 17, 2012

Our first physical release in over a year is now up for pre-order. Root Ball / Swear Jar marks the return of Power Pill Fist, in his debut for the label. The new material sees an integration of live drumming into the signature Power Pill Fist style, serving as a precursor to his forthcoming full-length at the label. Released as a square-shaped, clear 7", it is the debut vinyl for both Power Pill and I, Absentee. The 7" is available for pre-order for the next month, in extremely limited quantities (likely around 100), hand-numbered by Power Pill Fist. The vinyl will be released officially January 17, 2013, with units shipping around then. We have three vinyl releases in various stages of development (the latter two being full-length LPs), so please support these works if you'd like to see us continue in this direction. There is no digital version of Root Ball / Swear Jar, the songs are exclusive to vinyl at this time.

Power Pill Fist - Root Ball / Swear Jar IA049

1. Root Ball
2. Swear Jar

Root Ball / Swear Jar - Cover

ABYSSE Apr. 03, 2012

We have a new release out today, known simply as ABYSSE. It was done under total anonymity. ABYSSE. is available for free through our bandcamp page.


1. Brittle
2. Windy Walk
3. Plan E
4. Hold Countdown
5. Dystonia
6. Unleaded
7. Wall Street
8. House Of Fun
9. Hostel Takeover
10. Good Friday

ABYSSE - Cover

GILA Feb. 20, 2012

GILA is the dance alias of Dan Petrarca, a.k.a. D.D. NewMole. This self-titled album is his first since 2010's jungle/drum'n'bass project, 80 Pounds. GILA is our first all-out dance album, presented exclusively via our bandcamp page for $5. You can stream the album in it's entirety there for free, as well as check out the artwork on the catalog page.

Also new to our bandcamp page is a SOW remix by Raymond Watts (PIG, KMFDM, Einstürzende Neubauten, Foetus) and John Gosling (Mekon, Zos Kia, Sugar J). You might recall we previously hosted this through the PIG website, but we've since relocated it to our bandcamp, where it's now available for streaming and $1 purchase in a variety of audio formats. Check it out if you never heard it before.

We have our first new update to the 24/7 Bermuda Triangle in quite some time, featuring a one-off track by A King's Ransom, which is 21 Jumpsuit and Sean, the label head (in my first and probably last musical cameo at the label). Check it out if you're interested.

Lastly, a personal thanks to everyone who donated to our friend's cat cause last month. He is on the mend, thanks in part to your contributions.


1. Use K
2. Bike Rider
3. In A House
4. Dirty Waves
5. The Sound
6. Brandy New
7. Tap Pat
8. Be Big
9. Heart Garage

GILA - Cover

Help Save A Cat, Get Some Music Jan. 16, 2012

One of our artist friends is in need of help, so we are reaching out to I, Absentee fans. Our friend behind the Truth Serum artwork (which she painted and commissioned to us without taking a fee) is in need of money to help her ill cat. Repeated veterinarian trips and potential surgery looming over her head have proven too heavy a financial burden to incur alone.

We are reaching out to you, that those able might help someone who has given back to us in the past. Any donation you can spare helps. As a special thank you to all who donate, we are offering a one-time download of what was (possibly) the final I, Absentee show, performed secretly in the back of George's Video, an obscure VHS video store in Canton, OH on July 2, 2010. The show featured performances from Tobacco, Moustache Mountain, 21 Jumpsuit, D.D. NewMole and The Red Falcon Projects.

Donations are being accepted via this ChipIn page through February 13th. We ask that you please donate as much as you can spare, to potentially help save a cat's life, while getting over two hours of music as well. Please also share the link for others. We'll e-mail those who donate with the download link at some point in the near future. Your help is much appreciated!

Blues Hownd Jan. 01, 2012

Year five at I, Absentee begins with a back-to-basics approach, with one of our original signings, Boozhownd Doggonit. After a four year sabbatical, Boozhownd returns with a new full-length, bearing little resemblance to his 2008, self-titled debut. Gone are the off-time, hip hop beats, replaced with bluesy harmonicas and sprawling ambient soundscapes, bringing recollections of his collaborative efforts in 2009 with Forrest on the Night Creature EP.

Blues Hownd is available for download at a "name your price" rate, up to and including free. We continue to experiment with release and price formats, as 2011 taught us that the CD format is dead, or perhaps just dormant. We're really winging it from release to release at the moment, as there's no clear answer at this time on how best to approach release platforms for a little label such as us.

We have completed our year long campaign of donating profits on all 2011 releases to causes and charities we support. A huge thanks to all of the artists who participated, as well as everyone who contributed even a dollar to any of our releases last year. We would like to do more in the future, but for now, we're just setting aside all aspects of the label except the music. Our next release(s) remain a mystery, but we'll have more new audio sooner than later.

Boozhownd Doggonit - Blues Hownd IA046

1. Double Dogg Darleen!
2. Dried Out Crack Baby In The Bayou
3. Mytrophia
4. Gargoyle Mouth
5. Frothy Abyss

Blues Hownd - Cover

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