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Halogen[r]Eve Nov. 07, 2011

We have a surprise release today from Rumorse. Halogen[r]Eve is the first in a planned series of remix EPs, highlighting last year's full-length Halogen Eve. Future editions of the series will likely either come from other labels or direct from Rumorse. We'll pass along the details once they're determined. This premiere installment comes as our first ever digital-only release, free for download. We may do more digital releases in the future, it's up in the air right now.

For Halogen[r]Eve, Rumorse assembled a group which should be familiar to anyone who follows the label, as all have appeared on prior releases with us. The EP kicks off with Biotron Shelf (Boltfish, U-Cover, Smallfish), which is the duo of Mint and Cheju. That's followed by another remix alumni, The Dandelion Council (vu-us, Awkward Silence). The EP is capped off with a pair of remixes from our own roster, with Dorosoto and Mall Security. The EP can be streamed or downloaded in it's entirety at our bandcamp page. Seeing as this one's a freebie, obviously there is no charity this time around.

In other Dorosoto / Mall Security news, the duo as RFP are now selling copies of their newest DVD, "Falcon Visions", directly through their Facebook page. Just post a message there requesting a copy, if you're interested. The DVD features mostly new music, as well as all new videos. Copies are extremely limited.

Rumorse - Halogen[r]Eve IA045

1. Drifting Chroma (Biotron Shelf Remix)
2. Halogen Eve (Dandelion Council Night Drive Mix)
3. Electrah (Dorosoto Dub)
4. Cromatica (Mall Security Remix)

Halogen[r]Eve - Cover

Inauguration Of The Centaur Aug. 29, 2011

Vizion Centaur is the duo of Warren Kroll and Chris Dutrieux of South Bend, Indiana. Warren Kroll should be well-familiar to those who follow the label, with his solo output as Dorosoto and Forrest, as well as his joint efforts in RFP, Alpha Aesar and the upcoming Ian Hawgood collaboration, lantscap. Chris Dutrieux is new to our shores, a guitarist for the past fifteen years, working in the experimental scene and releasing numerous self-made cassette tapes.

Together they form Vizion Centaur, an exploration of guitar and effect-based ambient music. Earlier this year, they released their debut, "Space", through Install. Their follow-up, "Epochalypse", marks their debut for I, Absentee. It closes a lengthy hiatus at the label, in which we've drastically reduced our output, spending more time on fewer releases.

The album was studio mastered by TW Walsh (Pedro The Lion, Headphones), who is soon to release an album via our friends at Graveface. The artwork was maticulously hand-drawn by Akron, OH artist Matt Horak, The CD pressing is limited to 100 copies, pressed on UV-coated, gatefold digipak.

As we've been doing all year, all profits from the album will be donated to a cause or charity. For "Epochalypse," profits will be going to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Fund, which provides sanctuary for animals in need of protection, by establishing conservation for more than thirty endangered species worldwide.

The album is devided into two near-thirty minute pieces. Extended clips, artwork and purchase options are available on the release page. The album will also be available shortly through some shops/friends of ours. Please check our facebook page for regular updates on that.

RFP are on the eve of touring with longtime friends Black Moth Super Rainbow, who themselves are returning from a two-year hiatus. They will have a new DVD available at the shows, as well as copies of our long-deleted Ice Warz '85 EP. It's been newly repressed and we'll try to have some copies available through the site here soon. You can catch The Red Falcon Projects live as special guest openers on the following dates:

September 17, 2011 - Lexington, KY (Cosmic Charlie's)
September 19, 2011 - Baltimore, MD (Ottobar)
September 20, 2011 - Philadelphia, PA (First Unitarian Church)

Congratulations to longtime I, Absentee regular Mall Security, who just signed for his first 12" release with a notable, as yet unannounced label. Follow him on facebook for all of the forthcoming details.

I, Absentee will soon be relocating to Los Angeles. While this shouldn't cause any notable disruption on orders, it will likely be awhile before we return with our next release, as we settle out west. Rest assured, we will be back with plenty more in due time. As always, our deepest thanks for your support.

Vizion Centaur - Epochalypse IA044

1. Dissolvements In Time
2. Psychic Circles

Epochalypse - Cover

Electric Mandala - Infinite Dharma May 02, 2011

Today we release our new album with Joseph Auer, hereby known for this project as Electric Mandala. You may recall him from our 2009 Dorosoto remix album, Embryonic Audio Restoration. He's also worked with a variety of notable labels, including U-Cover, October Man, Symbolic Interaction, Boltfish and more. Musically, Electric Mandala takes on a more bit more ambient direction from Auer's past work, but still maintains his signature Detroit techno / electronica production styles. Infinite Dharma marks his debut effort under the alias, a full-length exploration of neon melodies and pulsating sonic horizons.

The album is factory pressed on CDr in a UV coated cardboard, gatefold sleeve. Due to the added budget we put into the release, we had to reduce the size of the pressing to keep within our ability. "Infinite Dharma" is limited to just fifty copies on physical format. We wanted to reward those of you still supporting the physical format with an upgraded presentation. Digitally, the album is available via our bandcamp page at reduced purchase price or streaming in it's entirety.

All profits from this album are donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society to aid the population directly affected by the 2011 earthquakes and tsunami in Japan. We wanted to act sooner, but were tied up in so many non-profit projects already, we could only now turn our attention toward this important cause. As Electric Mandala is an artist based in Japan, it was a perfect project to focus on these efforts. For direct purchase on physical format, a closer look at the artwork and a free download of the track "Anubuius", visit our catalog page.

RFP have a brand new album, self-released on cassette tape today. "Microtonal Acid Dub" is a mild departure from their previous work to date, yet still definitively RFP. Recorded in a single, extended recording session, the Falcons decided to offer it in limited edition tape via their newly launched bandcamp page. You can stream the album in full or purchase one of the tapes direct from RFP, which is limited to fifty copies.

Vizion Centaur, a new project from Warren Kroll (Dorosoto, Forrest) and Chris Dutrieux, have recently joined I, Absentee. Their debut album, however, is available now. Install (run by David Tagg and Brian Grainger) has just issued "Space" as part of their "Installation Series", also limited to just fifty copies. Their follow-up will be out through us this summer.

I, Absentee has created and produced a new video for legendary Wax Trax! recording artist PIG. This was filmed in 2006 by the head of the label (me) and pre-dates the proper inception of I, Absentee. However, after a year and a half of editing, it was completed and produced under our name. This was referred to privately in our catalog as "IAOOO" and given to the crew and friends. We opted never to mention it on the site, due to the fact it was never publicly available. Five years after the filming, PIG are officially self-releasing the DVD, with our full co-operation and blessing. You may recall PIG / Raymond Watts from our SOW album last year, which was a project born out of this original collaboration. It's taken an extremely long time to see the light of day, but we're happy to say it's now available for pre-order, in extremely limited copies. The first wave is limited to 100 copies, signed by PIG in limited edition packaging. Last we heard, twelve pre-order slots remained. However, a repress (minus the autographs and special packaging) is due to follow, albeit also in limited quantities. It's called an "official bootleg" by us and PIG, for the reason that the project was plagued by technical difficulties (the tour it chronicled was cancelled mid-way through production), so it's not quite what we intended. The end result is a salvage job, intended for hardcore fans of PIG, who've been requesting the DVD for years. To be clear, it's not a proper I, Absentee release. We're the producers in the credits, as the video was created, filmed and financed by us. However, PIG is handing the DVD production and release, which is why it's available directly through them. Visit the official PIG page for ordering info. It might not be something our usual fanbase will be interested in, as it's a full on rock performance documentary. However, it's in many ways a pivotal chapter of our history and I spent many tireless nights creating it.

As you've probably noticed, we have a new website up. The basic layout and structure remains the same. However, much of the coding is being updated for better display on various browsers, mobile devices, etc. It should have better functionality than the old version. It's still a work in progress. Lost of pages around the site haven't been upgraded yet. You might spot some glitches here and there. We'll be working on it further over the upcoming weeks. For now, the main pages are updated for the most part, as we work toward a full conversion.

"Infinite Dharma" is our final release for awhile, until sometime this summer. Our plan is to spend more time developing releases and trying to make the packages special, albeit less frequent, as we've begun with this album. Our next release will be the aforementioned second Vizion Centaur album, entitled "Epochalypse". Thanks for the support and we'll see you in a couple months. (You can always follow us on facebook for updates between now and then as well.)

Electric Mandala - Infinite Dharma IA043

1. Ubud Space
2. Pavilion
3. Turquoise Skye
4. Lost In Bali (Ubud Peyote Mix)
5. Drum Interval
6. Starscene
7. Infinite Dharma
8. Suncircular Bridge
9. Infiniti Wheel
10. Circulation
11. Anubius
12. Ubud Nights (Dub)

Infinite Dharma - Cover

Specta Ciera - Autumn In A Cup Mar. 28, 2011

Specta Ciera is the solo project of Devin Underwood of Cambridge, MA. One half of Drexon Field with longtime collaborator Jared Sheehan, they released their debut album for Attacknine Records in 2005. Specta Ciera began in 2008 as Devin's solo venture, taking many of the melodic and funk qualities and introducing additional dimensions of sound. With several digital releases under his belt, Specta Ciera's pallet ranges from drone to ambient, avant garde to field recordings. "Mystic Valley Parkway" was Underwood's first outing under the alias, with a pair of albums, "Wind Shift" and "Accumulation Section" following in 2010. Drexon Field and Specta Ciera first appeared with us handling remixes for our "Twilight Fires" series in 2009. Now, he delivers his debut release for I, Absentee, called "Autumn In A Cup". The album spans seventeen tracks, with Underwood's signature melodic funk productions woven throughout, all capped off with a remix by Drexon Field.

All album profits from "Autumn In A Cup" are donated to the National Park Foundation, an organization chartered by the United States Congress, but without federal appropriations, as the only national charitable partner of America's National Parks. Their goals include:
1. Protecting fragile ecosystems and wildlife habitats through conservation programs
2. Securing tens of thousands of acres of parkland for new parks and existing parks
3. Supporting trail restoration across the USA
4. Founding the national Parks as Classrooms program and supporting other youth programs
5. Uniting public and private interests in support of our national parks

Visit the catalog page for artwork, clips and purchase options. There's also a free download of the opening track, "I'm Totally Not Looking At Her". As we've been doing with all of our non-profit releases this year, "Autumn In A Cup" is available for digital purchase in almost all audio formats for only $5 at our bandcamp page.

Trills has a new album out on Retronym, called "Blue Metabolic Sunrise". It's packaged on a full-color digipak CD. All orders direct from Trills include a bonus CDr of live improv tracks, called "Uncountable Snowflakes".

We mentioned awhile back that Talons' latest album, "Songs For Boats" (featuring a guest spot from I, Absentee label-mate Warren Kroll), would be released on vinyl in March. The LP is out this week at Positive Beat Recordings.

We'll return next with Joseph Auer's new project, Electric Mandala.

Specta Ciera - Autumn In A Cup IA042

1. I'm Totally Not Looking At Her
2. There Is Sand In That
3. Swishy
4. That's A Pretty Good Reason
5. Cook It Again
6. Cat Time
7. Apollo 0
8. As Warm As It Can Get
9. Lsb Skip
10. That's What The Little Ones Tell Me
11. You Know Damn Well
12. Eat Cake
13. Apricot, You Smell Like Apricot
14. Both Windows Open
15. Aliens Got Voyager 1
16. What Teleporter Are You At
17. I'm Totally Not Looking At Her (Drexon Field Remix)

Autumn In A Cup - Cover

Magic Arrows - Zeta Grey Feb. 28, 2011

Magic Arrows is Scott Beschta of Fredonia, Wisconsin. Scott began recording in the 1990s, playing as a member of the bands Ceilishrine, The Promise Ring, Pele and Telecognac. He joined up with Casino Versus Japan in 1998 to create duo Roommates (the name referring to the fact they were actual former roommates). The two released a 7" and 12" in 1999 on the Wobblyhead label. Beschta then launched Magic Arrows, a solo venture in downtempo and ambient soundscapes. His first outing under the monicker came with a 2002 self-titled debut album, released on Beschta's own Lion Records. A follow-up, "The Theme", came in 2004. In 2005 he completed arguably his most well-known release to date, "Sweet Heavenly Angel Of Death".

After a long hiatus, Magic Arrows recently returned with the mini-album "After Rain" for Earstroke Records, followed by an appearance on our recent Truth Serum compilation. We're pleased to present his epic new full-length, "Zeta Grey". The album is a two hour concept odyssey into the story of an alien abduction. The origins of the album go back over a decade, pre-dating even the first Magic Arrows album, to the year 2000. Beschta recorded the track "Ray Of Lights" alongside Signaldrift's Franz Buchholtz and Telecognac's Jon Mueller. The track stuck with him and, combined with heavy influences of sci-fi films, ultimately inspired the creation of "Zeta Grey" six years later. The recordings became mythic in proportion, with Beschta obsessively writing all-night sessions for a year straight. He even abandoned his job, as his focus narrowed purely into this album. His aim was to create what he considered the pinnacle of his career. The result is our longest, most expansive album in the history of the label, barely squeezing into two discs. Be sure to play this one at night to really capture it as intended!

Following our model of donating sales to non-profit organizations this year and considering the nature of the album, Magic Arrows selected the cause for "Zeta Grey" to be SETI@Home. Their goals include:
1. To do useful scientific work by supporting an observational analysis to detect intelligent life outside Earth
2. To prove the viability and practicality of the "volunteer computing" concept.

"Zeta Grey" is mastered by Roger Time, an excellent musician in his own right, who recently appeared with us under his Time Constant project on the "Truth Serum" compilation. Artwork, audio clips and purchase options are available on the catalog page. The album is also streaming in it's entirety, or available for digital purchase in almost all audio formats for only $5 at our ever expanding bandcamp page.

We'll return next with our debut release with Specta Ciera, aka Devin Underwood of Drexon Field.

Magic Arrows - Zeta Grey IA041

Disc One
1. Mexico With Sally
2. Mechas
3. The Wise
4. Unconditional Love
5. Watch The Skies
6. Def Grey
7. Yavin
8. E.T.
9. Are We Still Alive
10. Red Shift

Disc Two
1. Blue Fairy
2. Europa
3. Ray Of Lights
4. Rouge Planet
5. Ballad Of Betty And Barney Hill
6. The Interrupted Journey
7. Here They Come
8. The Mothership
9. Alien Abduction

Zeta Grey - Cover

Truth Serum Jan. 31, 2011

Year Four of I, Absentee begins with a change. There's been a steady dissatisfaction building in us toward the general attitude of the music industry, on all levels. After dealing with it on a very direct level last year, it's evident to no longer be something we wish to take part in. For awhile, our plan was to eventually transition into a traditional label and phase out the CDr releases and such. However, in an era when music is available everywhere for free, so many are still behaving as if it's an elite country club where you have to step over each other for membership. It became clear it was not a path we wished to head down any further, working with PR firms, incompetent distributors, greedy musicians/labels and vanity-driven press.

Quite honestly, we're much happier on the fringe. There are still some sincere people out there (in all of those areas), but they're scarce. So we reached a crossroads of where to take things. The idea became to strip away most of the business aspects of the label for awhile and build around musicians looking to give their music toward ideas and art, where career status and profits are irrelevant and you have to give up something to be a part of what we're doing.

Every release we do for the next year will donate all profits, both artist and label, to charities and organizations whose causes we support. This will be integrated heavily into what we do, as we'll add information and links about these causes into our release pages, updates, etc.

We aren't becoming fully non-profit. While all of our profits on 2011 titles will be donated to causes, all pre-2011 titles will still function as traditional releases. Assuming we survive into 2012, we will likely begin doing a mixture of both regular and non-profit releases, depending on the nature of the project. We'll re-evaluate once the dust settles at the end of this year. The goal for now was to strip back down and build a roster of unique musicians who wanted to be a part of this. Some of the old roster is gone, many are still with us. A lot of new names will be coming into the journey as well, starting with our new compilation released today, "Truth Serum".

Truth Serum explores much different territory than our first compilation, Birth Certificate. The first was intended as an introduction piece, sampling the roster, as well as a few guest artists and friends. It was a way of ushering in the label and putting all of the artists in one place for easy digestion. "Truth Serum" is a different presentation in that it was created around an idea. There was a specific set of sounds we were going for this time, giving an overall more concise listening experience. Furthermore, every artist was solicited on the idea that the compilation would be donating all profits to The Humane Society and UNICEF and agreed to participate based around that concept.

Artwork, clips and purchase options are available on the catalog page as usual. For "Truth Serum", the artwork is reversible, with two possible ways to flip the cover and tray imagery. One key difference is the digital prices, which have been reduced. All 2011 album downloads will be priced no higher than $5.00 and should be available for free streaming (via our bandcamp page). We want easy access and affordability for our music this year. We're unable to reduce the physical prices any further than what they are, unfortunately. We've cut prices as low as we're able on all formats at this time.

As we mentioned above, we'll be providing information about causes with each given release update. I, Absentee selected The Humane Society and UNICEF to start, as they dealt with two causes very important to us. We're huge believers in animal rights, while poverty is arguably our single greatest concern. These two organizations deal directly with these causes. Much of the time in the future, musicians will be selecting their own causes for their releases, rather than the label. For now, we have some basic information on the "Truth Serum" causes:

The Humane Society is the largest animal protection organization in the United States. Their goals include:
1. To reduce suffering and improve the lives of all animals by advocating for better laws
2. Investigating animal cruelty
3. Encouraging corporations to adopt animal-friendly policies
4. Conducting disaster relief and animal rescue
5. Providing direct care for thousands of animals at their sanctuaries, emergency shelters, wildlife rehabilitation centers and mobile veterinary clinics

UNICEF is an organization aiding child rights and combatting children's poverty worldwide. Their development goals include:
1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
2. Achieve universal primary education
3. Promote gender equality and empower women
4. Reduce child mortality
5. Improve maternal health
6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
7. Ensure environmental sustainability
8. Develop a global partnership for development

Before we conclude, we have a few other label newsbits:
Talons' has a new album out, called "Songs For Boats". It is currently available for order via Own Records. The album even features a guest spot from I, Absentee label-mate Warren Kroll (Dorosoto, Forrest) on one track. A vinyl edition will follow on Positive Beat Recordings in March.

We have an update to our 24/7 Bermuda Triangle section. There's an exclusive from Dharmatrain, the jazz band project of Roger Time (aka Time Constant). The track is an alternate version of one of their songs from their debut full-length, available here. There's also an exclusive track from recent label addition, Specta Ciera, aka Devin Underwood, one half of Drexon Field. We'll be releasing his full-length, "Autumn In A Cup", in the near future.

Speaking of additions to the label, Joseph Auer will be releasing a full-length of ambient electronica with us in the Spring, under the name Electric Mandala.

Next month sees the release of Magic Arrows' "Zeta Grey" and our next cause along with it.

Various Artists - Truth Serum IA040

First Serum: Into The Bloodstream
1. The Seven Fields Of Aphelion - Where
2. Manual - Afterimages
3. Hakobune - 残照
4. Leyland Kirby - Untold Suffering

Second Serum: Through The Marrow Burning
5. Ambidextrous - Introversion
6. Magic Arrows - Dreams Of UFOs
7. Maps And Diagrams - The Silence Of Sound
8. The Green Kingdom - Forgotten Nest

Third Serum: The Tender Hand Of Mercy
9. Forrest - The Trails To The Jumps (Truth Serum Version)
10. The Remote Viewer - Absent Tea
11. Time Constant - A Super Fungi
12. Lackluster - Fgxjklö

Fourth Serum: Seven Billion Hymns For Poverty
13. Hummingbird - Leaning Eastwards, Looking Sideways
14. Trouble Books With The Green Kingdom - Overgrown Monorail Station
15. Ian Hawgood - Marr
16. David Newlyn - Taken Apart

Truth Serum - Cover

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