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Milieu - Our Blue Rainbow Dec. 13, 2010

We close out 2010 with a special release from Milieu, the deluxe reissue of his 2006 album "Our Blue Rainbow". Much like last year's New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies reissue, the album is completely remastered, with new artwork (this time by David Tagg). Milieu again mined his audio vaults and this time outdid himself. The result is an entire bonus album of previously unreleased music called "Bent Appletape", which clocks in at over 60 minutes and runs 18 tracks. Fans of "New Drugs" should definitely enjoy this deluxe set as well.

Artwork, clips and purchase options are available on the catalog page. There's no digital option on the album at this time, it's a physical only release for now. The set features an expanded booklet, packaged in a dark blue, poly double disc case.

As some of you may know, Milieu assembled an excellent remix collection for the original "Our Blue Rainbow" album. "Our Blue Remixes" is currently available for digital purchase at Milieu Music, featuring Mrs Jynx, Adam Pacione, Wisp and more. The sister remix set, "Our Bonus Remixes" is available for free download from Milieu here, featuring Drexon Field, David Tagg, Electricwest and more.

We've got another double disc album right around the corner, from Magic Arrows. In the meantime, Earstroke Records has available for pre-order the "After Rain" EP. This was recorded prior to our forthcoming "Zeta Grey" album and serves as an excellent companion to our set, coming in early 2011.

In related news, Time Constant, frequent collaborator of Magic Arrows and an excellent musician in his own right, has made available for pre-order a new project called Dharma Train. This is Roger Time's jazz band project with Lamont McPherson and Jeff Miller. Roger Time mastered "Zeta Grey" and will appear on a couple other things with us in 2011, so you'll be seeing his name around here several more times after the new year. One of those appearances will be an exclusive Dharma Train track in our 24/7 Bermuda Triangle section next month. To order the full Dharma Train album, you can find it at Roger Time's newly launched label, The Funky Pillow. It's available for purchase directly off their Facebook page via paypal, by clicking the "Shop Now" tab. I don't think it requires a Facebook account to purchase.

This concludes our third year at I, Absentee. 2011 begins a shift at the label, which we'll talk about in depth next update. It all kicks off with the release of our new compilation, entitled "Truth Serum". We've kept the details secret until the new year, but it will provide a firm idea of where the label is headed, with some excellent artists involved. Be sure to check back in January, as we'll have a lot to say about where we are and where we're headed. A sincere thank you to everyone who has supported us up to this point.

Milieu - Our Blue Rainbow IA033

Disc One: Our Blue Rainbow
1. Starview
2. My Friend The Dawn
3. Days Behind
4. Alvin Sparks
5. Tiffany Lane
6. Glasshill
7. Mellow U
8. Kieran Moth
9. Rainy Daylight
10. For Katie Asleep On The Bus
11. Auroral
12. Blue Rainbow

1. Kontour [Bedroom]
2. Papertape
3. Cartwheels
4. Applejack Beats
5. Fireleaf Freesky
6. Sleepy Route
7. Nite Lite
8. Sand Loop
9. Kontour [Dialer]
10. Land Drone
11. Riverbend
12. Powerliner
13. Wood Weed
14. Rolling M Loop
15. Pillbox Piano
16. Rainbow Topiary
17. Water Tower Track
18. Schoolbus Beats

Our Blue Rainbow - Cover

Wooden Spaceship Nov. 16, 2010

Wooden Spaceship is the new project from Micko Westmoreland. Micko began making electronic music in the 1990s as The Bowling Green, after a college tutelage from Brian Eno. Following a series of 12" EPs in the UK (featuring remixes from Luke Vibert, µ-Ziq, Si Begg and more), his debut album, "One Pound Note", was picked up by Trent Reznor's Nothing Records in the USA in 1998. A second album, "Fabrications", followed in 2001 on the Spiky label.

Micko then began doing film music. He recorded the score to the film "Quinceañera", for his writer/director brother, Wash Westmoreland. The film went on to win Grand Jury Prize at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. Micko then set out to record a debut album under his own name as a singer/songwriter, called "Wax & Wayne". After meeting online, he offered us a chance to helm a remix for his new material, which became the RFP remix released earlier this year.

During this collaboration, Micko sent the Wooden Spaceship material and offered it for release through I, Absentee. The songs are a return to his signature electronic productions and wonky beats. The EP is available from us directly on a limited edition 3" mini CD, digitally worldwide through iTunes and Amazon, or as a high quality download from our bandcamp page.

Speaking of bandcamp, Talons' has made available his stellar album Pandemia for free download there, or for CD purchase for $5. At one time, we were planning to release "Pandemia" at I, Absentee, but simply couldn't get it released as quickly as Talons' had in mind. Nevertheless, we were blown away by this album and encourage everyone to check it out. Consider it a sister I, Absentee title. Talons' has also just released his Lost Time retrospective in Japan. The album recollects highlights from his amazing first seven years of music, including three songs from our Dubai EP, packaged in a gorgeous 52-page hard-bound color photo book. It's available now on Powershovel Audio and through most Japanese retailers. It's well worth the import prices if you can afford a copy. 2011 is looking to be a big year for Talons', as he releases his next album, "Songs For Boats" in February on Own Records, which features an appearance from our own Dorosoto.

We've got one last release for 2010, which is the long-awaited "Our Blue Rainbow" double album reissue from Milieu. It features an entire unreleased album's worth of audio from the "OBR / New Drugs" era that Milieu fans are sure to love, known as "Bent Appletape". Look for it in December, we'll see you then.

Wooden Spaceship - Wooden Spaceship IA039

1. Disco Thong
2. Hey Baby
3. Wonky
4. 3-D Hassle

Wooden Spaceship - Cover

Plantains - Career Retrospective Oct. 26, 2010

Plantains first splashed on the shores of the US in 2001, arriving in New York City in the wake of the September 11th attacks. After playing living rooms around England and refining their line-up, they entered the NYC electro scene as a duo, consisting of Nick Hallett and Ray Sweeten. They quickly made waves with their multimedia live shows, self-described by the band as "retrofuturist kabarett". Playing stages with the likes of Chromeo, Gil Mantera's Party Dream, Genesis P. Orridge, Jim "Foetus" Thirlwell and Scissor Sisters, the duo received favorable press from critics in the Village Voice, New York Magazine and many more.

After an invitation came from Le Tigre to open the Bowery Ballroom, the band felt it was a good time to self-release a debut 12" for shops and live shows. "New Wave Girl / I Listen To The Plantains" dropped in 2003, featuring two exclusive mixes of the title tracks from Plantains, as well as remixes from Japan's Dr. Shingo and Austria's G.D. Luxxe. We've acquired rare, sealed copies of this 12" direct from the band, which are now available in our shop!

Musically, the Plantains thrived on a mix of countless genres, ranging from electro, synthpop, Italo disco, Europop, krautrock, Detroit techno and NYC house music. However, the act quickly found it's name pigeonholed into Brooklyn's electroclash scene and subsequently, felt it's backlash. As the landscape shifted, the band agreed to split on amicable terms, as both members had a variety of solo projects on their plate in sound and film (Ray Sweeten's Plantains spin-off project, The Mitgang Audio, notably saw release through Canada's Suction Records in 2004).

Sadly, the bulk of Plantains' studio recordings never saw the light of day. In 2007, I, Absentee, who were familiar with their history, acquired a 2004 demo album by the band. It was in discussion as one of the very first things the label ever considered releasing. However, with no established releases under our belt, as well as a significant schedule of albums from our initial roster, nothing came of the chance encounter, until 2010. With an extensive resume established, the label began to look back and reevaluate projects we were still eager to tackle. The Plantains album stood out, still screaming for release. So after a few e-mail exchanges, the band was receptive to the idea and "Career Retrospective" began to take shape.

While not an exact port over of their original demo, most tracks from those 2004 sessions have been collected, in addition to some earlier tracks from other studios. There's even an acoustic cover of "I Feel Love" (previously available on a soundtrack), as well as a bonus remix from G.D. Luxxe. The collection was hand-selected by the band, consisting of their favorite tracks from their brief, yet memorable career.

The album is packaged in unique green, plastic cases, with a wraparound sleeve. Artwork, audio and purchase options are available on the catalog page. The digital options are different from past releases for this one. We've elected to try out bandcamp. The album is available in a variety of formats, including 320kbps MP3, FLAC, MP3 VBR (V0), AAC, Ogg Vorbis and ALAC. You can also purchase and stream tracks individually. The album is also available on iTunes, Amazon and nearly all digital retailers worldwide. For vinyl enthusiasts, don't forget the special sealed copies of their 2003 12" in the store. Three of the four mixes remain exclusive and unavailable on Career Retrospective.

iPad DJs and New York radio hosts Andrew Andrew are celebrating the release of the Plantains' album on their weekly program, Andrew Andrew Sound Sound, on East Village Radio today at 4pm and will premiere the Plantain Karaoke Experience, with guest performers on the original Plantains material, at BES (559 W 22nd) New York, on Wednesday, October 27 starting around 10PM.

Finally, if that wasn't enough Plantains news for you, there's an excellent non-album track freshly available in our 24/7 Bermuda Triangle section. The song, "Electric Reniassance", is a perfect display of their skilled production and unique sense of humor. We've also provided about an EP's worth of new tracks from the roster to IA013, five in all. We're pleased to debut our first track with new signing Magic Arrows. He'll be releasing a mammoth double album with us in early 2011, entitled "Zeta Grey". "Clone", a seven-minute-plus twister, is directly out of the "Zeta" sessions. There's also an exclusive remix of Dorosoto by the one and only Joseph Auer, as well as a pair of tracks from Trills. "Blood Orange" is an outtake from Modular Puzzle, while "Joguko" is a new one.

In addition to Career Retrospective, we've also made available RFP's The Twilight Fires: Volume Four and Dorosoto's Embryonic Audio Restoration at our newly-launched bandcamp page. As stated above, all tracks are available as single-song purchases, or as a whole album, in virtually all audio formats. If there's enough ongoing interest and support, we'll upload additional releases from the catalog.

That's it for this month. We'll be back next month with a killer debut EP from Wooden Spaceship, a.k.a. Micko Westmoreland (The Bowling Green). We're also finally finishing up Milieu's "Our Blue Rainbow" reissue, which will follow in December.

Plantains - Career Retrospective IA038

1. Plantains Theme Tune
2. Hey Giorgio
3. Desperate Connection
4. Make Yr Move
5. Lament Of The London Bourgeoisie
6. Pop Iconography (Part II)
7. Love In Three Dimensions
8. New Wave Girl
9. I Listen To The Plantains
10. Bring On The Boys
11. I Feel Love
12. I Listen To The Plantains (Eurotrash Mix By GD Luxxe)

Career Retrospective - Cover

80 Pounds - Very Little Light E.P. Sept. 06, 2010

80 Pounds is the new project from D.D. NewMole, served up under an alias, as he brings eight blistering tracks of drum'n'bass/jungle. This is the first release of original material from D.D. since his 2008 debut, The Earth Trembled, in the early days of the label. The Very Little Light E.P. is something of a sister release, as it was recorded over the same years and has been in the plans since the completion of that album.

Artwork, clips and purchase options are available on the catalog page. The EP is a relentless onslaught, running over forty-five minutes and featuring his complete catalog of tracks under the name. It's easily one of the most intense discs we've released, as well as a nice bridge back to our origins.

80 Pounds - Very Little Light E.P. IA037

1. The Next Level
2. Smashing Dandelions
3. Down With The BÆS
4. Trauma Ten
5. The Radar
6. Think Jump
7. A Breath Out
8. Friends Are Few

Very Little Light E.P. - Cover

Graveface Records - Please Donate! Aug. 18, 2010

Graveface Records recently lost 50-60% of their stock in a flood, which was not covered by insurance. They are in danger of being forced to close their doors, so please help with a donation if you can. All donations receive free music from them and go directly toward repressing destroyed releases.

Graveface Records - Flood Donations

Rumorse - Halogen Eve Aug. 16, 2010

Rumorse is Spanish producer Jorge Sasera. You may have spotted his name on Koen Park's Remixes, Reworkings And Reimaginings or Phasen's Listening To Old West Coast Rap. "Halogen Eve" marks his debut release on physical format, taking center stage with eight stellar tracks of mesmerizing electronica/IDM.

This is Rumorse's first release since the 2008 album "Waves For Rumours" (available on iTunes and most digital retailers). "Halogen Eve" is a lean, concise display of Rumorse's prime cuts, and an ideal starting point for those new to his work. Be sure to check the catalog page for art, audio and purchase options.

We're pleased to announce we have a project forthcoming with Micko Westmoreland. He recorded through the late 1990s and early 2000s as The Bowling Green, working with Luke Vibert, µ-Ziq, Si Begg and more. Last year, he released his debut album under his own name, along with a remix disc featuring The Red Falcon Projects. We're very excited to have him involved with the label and we'll have more details on his release soon.

D.D. NewMole will be making his return very shortly, under the alter-ego of 80 Pounds. The material is a harsh drum'n'bass/jungle clinic known as the "Very Little Light E.P.", recorded circa 2004/2005. If you enjoyed the Naphta remix from his Twilight Fires EP, that's something akin to 80 Pounds. Look for it likely in September.

Rumorse - Halogen Eve IA036

1. Aerostatic Xilophon
2. A Sad Journey
3. Drifting Chroma
4. Sidechain
5. Dream On
6. Halogen Eve
7. Electrah
8. Cromatica

Halogen Eve - Cover

Biocore 3 Jul. 26, 2010

Biocore 3 is the trio of Dorosoto, 21 Jumpsuit and Mall Security. In 2008 while meeting up for a live show, they recorded this one-off session live to tape, with each act bringing their own signature sound, to surprisingly cohesive results. In the time which followed, the material held up so well, we decided to give it an official release. The 3" EP is limited to 25 copies, with a repress unlikely. Check the catalog page for clips, artwork and digital options.

As we hinted in the last update, Plantains have joined the label. You can read more about them here. Quite a few acts will be making their label debut with us over the coming months, some of whom we've announced, some we haven't. One of the imminent artists is Rumorse, whose excellent album "Halogen Eve" is one of our next titles.

We have a heavy release schedule for the second half of the year, as several projects are all finishing up at once, from both new and familiar names. Check back often as we'll be releasing quite a few things, several of which will be in very limited runs.

Biocore 3 - Biocore 3 IA035

1. Part 1
2. Part 2
3. Part 3

Biocore 3 - Cover

Lunar Testing Lab - Surveillance Tapes Jul. 02, 2010

Two years removed from the release of Space Program, Lunar Testing Lab has returned with his proper follow-up album, Surveillance Tapes. Largely shifting away from sample-based work, LTL imposed upon himself a deeper focus on songwriting, by layering his music into a richer circuitry of sounds, using a variety of undisclosed synths. The album takes on a slightly darker tone from previous material, as illustrated by the near all-black packaging. Self-described by Lunar Testing Lab as his finest work to date, "Surveillance Tapes" is an exploration of all things hidden, both in shadow and in front of our eyes.

The album will be released worldwide digitally on Tuesday, July 6th, through most retailers, including iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc. "Space Program" should be joining it in the coming weeks as well. Head over to the catalog page to hear clips, as well as view the artwork. There's a free download of the track "Wire Tap", as well as full purchase options on CD or MP3.

We're finishing up the previously mentioned, one-off collaboration disc between Mall Security, Dorosoto and 21 Jumpsuit, known officially as "Biocore 3". There will be only 25 of these, with a repress unlikely. This and our Milieu reissue are next on the serving plate.

Until then, listen to the Plantains.

Lunar Testing Lab - Surveillance Tapes IA032

1. Cold Fire 74
2. Venona Project
3. Spektr-UF
4. Rhyolite
5. Signal Intelligence
6. Rundfunk
7. Vela Hotel
8. Intercept Station
9. Copper Coast
10. Paaliaq
11. Midnight Zone
12. Aquatone Minder
13. Intrasonic
14. Wire Tap
15. Space Traffic Control
Surveillance Tapes - Cover

Spak Cubes - Tape Tracks May 31, 2010

Spak Cubes is the one-off alias of Audrius Vaitiekunas, born in Klaipėda, Lithuania and residing in London, England. To date, much of his work has been under the name IJO, for a variety of netlabels, as well as an appearance on our Remixes, Reworkings And Reimaginings disc in 2009. Ranging from drum'n'bass to ambient, Vaitiekunas avoids strict musical directions, regularly switching amongst multiple genres. In 2009, he started his 300 Degrees alias, with an EP for the Napalm Enema label. Earlier this year, he followed it up with another for Cactus Island (co-run by our own Maps And Diagrams). He arrives at I, Absentee with the one-off project Spak Cubes, an acid/electronica session recorded live to tape. Clips of "Tape Tracks" are available on the catalog page.

Next, we're entering our summer schedule, which features the return of many acts familiar to the label. We're working on a mammoth reissue from Milieu, after last year's successful New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies re-release. This time, we're tackling "Our Blue Rainbow". If you enjoyed "New Drugs", you'll certainly like this one as well. Milieu uncovered so much extra material this time around, it actually amounted to an entire album's worth. "Bent Appletape" will be packaged as the second CD of a double album and feature an hour's worth of previously unreleased material from the same era. Definitely one of our highlights of 2010, keep an eye out for it.

In addition to a new Lunar Testing Lab album soon, which we've previously mentioned, we'll also have a special one-off collaboration disc between Mall Security, Dorosoto and 21 Jumpsuit, likely a very limited 3". More details to come.

For anyone in Canada looking for our stuff, Fathom Distribution is now stocking many of our releases. They also stock several other quality labels, do check them out.

Spak Cubes - Tape Tracks IA034

1. Acid Gong
2. Seminal Blur
3. Baltia Ost
4. Norden
5. Home Seguels
6. Rasor Acid
7. Spacetime Continuum
8. Robo Journey

Tape Tracks - Cover

RFP - The Twilight Fires: Volume Four May 03, 2010

We're back from hiatus and kicking off our spring/summer schedule. Today comes The Twilight Fires: Volume Four, highlighting the work of RFP (Red Falcon Projects). This is very likely our final installment of the series, as they take so long for us to assemble (this one took about a year). There's still a few copies of Volume Two and Three, while Volume One is available as a free download. So this is the last chance to own the complete series.

For this final chapter, we've pressed it on 5" with a white digipak in limited edition, or as a 320kbps download. Musically, It features six tracks of electro mayhem, running about thirty minutes and including a previously unreleased RFP track. "The Theme From Red Falcon" is actually the very first RFP song ever recorded, giving the listener a glimpse into the origin of the act.

The guest line-up includes Skanfrom (aka Sleeparchive), G.D. Luxxe (Tigerbeat6, Ersatz Audio), Raiders Of The Lost ARP (Mario Pierro, one half of MAT101 and Jollymusic), Paul Blackford (Breakin', WéMè) and In2Minds (Jacen Solo and Rob Piper). They've taken on remixes of the "Theme", as well as "Ice Warz '85", from last year's EP of the same name. The final remix is a glimpse into future RFP, with the yet to be released "Cyber Surfer".

Secret Station has just released the Shreber Harber Mole Flying Wheel album, "M.F.N.D." We were originally set to release this at I, Absentee, but due to artwork issues and our inability to reschedule, we couldn't complete it. Thankfully LTL felt comfortable handling it at Secret Station. Shreber Harber Mole Flying Wheel is warm IDM/electronica from Japan, with previous releases on U-Cover, Joseph Auer's Rednetic label and David Newlyn's October Man imprint. If you're a fan of any of these labels, it should be a no-brainer purchase. We'll still likely work with Shreber down the line at I, Absentee, so consider it a sister release of our highest recommendation. The download is available now at Secret Station, with the CD version coming any day now.

Speaking of Lunar Testing Lab, he just completed a mix for A Strangely Isolated Place (a Milieu mix is in their archives as well), while Maps And Diagrams did a mix for Fluid Radio, via his Hessein project. Do check them out if you get the chance. On a final Maps And Diagrams note, we have just one copy of Tööpuudus remaining before it's out of print. Be sure to grab it if you haven't already.

RFP - The Twilight Fires: Volume Four IA031

1. The Theme From Red Falcon
2. Ice Warz '85 (Raiders Of The Lost ARP Rmx)
3. The Theme From Red Falcon (Skanfrom Remix)
4. Ice Warz '85 (G.D. Luxxe Remix)
5. The Theme From Red Falcon (Paul Blackford Remix)
6. Cyber Surfer (In2Minds Remix)

The Twilight Fires: Volume Four - Cover

SOW - Dog Mar. 16, 2010

After about fourteen months of work, we finally arrive at Sow's Dog. This is our first standard CD release. It's hard to describe SOW without mentioning PIG. PIG began in the late 1980s on the legendary Wax Trax! Records as a solo project from Raymond Watts, a then studio tech for KMFDM, Einstürzende Neubauten, Psychic TV and many more. Around this time, Anna Wildsmith did a single with Watts and decided to play off the PIG name, calling the project SOW.

Five years later, an album's worth of tracks came together with Wildsmith at the helm. Legendary names such as J.G. Thirlwell (Foetus, Wiseblood) and Jon Caffery (Kids On TV) were in the mix, and the first Sow album, "Je M'Aime", was born. The material was a very harsh and angry assault in experimentalism.

In 1998, Sow returned with the sophomore effort "Sick". This time, a wide variety of musicians joined the project, including Sascha Konietzko (KMFDM), Rob Henry (Euphonic, Children Of The Bong), Günter Schultz (KMFDM, Pigface) and more. The sound natuarally shifted into a very wide variety of styles, crossing almost too genres to name.

A third album began around 2000, with Sow vets Watts and Henry returning for production and songwriting duties. Tracks were done around a part-time schedule and countless flights from France to London, allowing Wildsmith to record in studio with the musicians. The last track was completed around late 2008 (ironically also the last track on the album). Dog once again presents a shift in sounds from SOW, away from some of the "industrial" stigmas of the past and into more uptempo directions. Electronic, acoustic, pop, experimental, dance, classical. All of them describe "Dog", none of them define it.

The album is packaged in a jewel case with an 8 page booklet, featuring artwork by Simon Wildsmith (Anna's brother), an accomplished artist from France with many gallery showcases to his resume. The production and mastering is professionally done, sure to rumble your speakers and eardrums. It's in many ways our greatest logistal accomplishment to date.

We finally have our digital system up and running. Nearly the entire catalog is now available for download. The purchase links are available on each of the release pages, as well as the newly created digital page, which will be permanently located under the order link of our site menu. As the list of sold out titles grows, you'll see a greater separation between the digital and physical stocks. All files are in 320 kbps MP3. When you order, you'll be e-mailed a download code. Please let us know if there's any kinks in the system, we'll work them out quickly. Things should be running smooth though.

New Drugs For Nuclear Families, Embryonic Audio Restoration and Ice Warz '85 have all sold out on physical format and are now out of print. Tööpuudus is down to single digit quantities and will soon be gone as well.

Lunar Testing Lab has just released a new EP called "Unauthorized Frequencies" via his Secret Station label. We'll be releasing LTL's highly anticipated sophomore album this spring.

Our spring / summer release schedule will also include:
-A double album reissue of Milieu's "Our Blue Rainbow" (featuring an album of previously unreleased music)
-The fourth (and final?) installment of "The Twilight Fires", featuring the return of The Red Falcon Projects, remixed by a wave of all new guest artists

For now, we're taking a bit of a break to focus on the SOW album. After fourteen months, it felt like the completion of a chapter and a good time for us to rest. We'd like to thank everyone whose supported us up to this point. We'll see you in May!

SOW - Dog IA025

1. Slap
2. Crybaby
3. Blue Sheets
4. The Kidnapping Of Anna Wildsmith
5. Pornostar
6. Lip
7. More Candy
8. My House
9. Kali
10. Like It Should Be

Dog - Cover

Maps And Diagrams / Euphonic Feb. 16, 2010

Maps And Diagrams is the highly-esteemed, long running solo project of Tim Martin. Ranging many forms of electronic, he has released work through Static Caravan, Expanding Records, Ak Duck, Akward Silence, Unlabel, Smallfish, Moamoo and many more. He also runs the critically acclaimed labels Cactus Island and Handstitched*.

After delivering a remix for us last year for The Twilight Fires: Volume Three, we agreed to do a 3" together. The result is Tööpuudus, a collection of three newly recorded tracks of melodic, ambient material. We've provided clips on the catalog page, but these are sprawling pieces, meant to be heard in their entirety. If you're fond of past releases from us such as Sounds Look Similar or Anyteazers / Swepstone Songs, you'll likely enjoy this. "Tööpuudus" is a limited edition release of 100 copies, packaged in a poly 3" case. It's a huge honor for us to work with such a decorated artist as Maps And Diagrams, and a wonderful closure to our winter schedule.

We also have a special item newly in stock. Euphonic has delivered sealed copies of his classic 1998 self-titled album, serving as an excellent bridge into our next release, Dog. Euphonic is Rob Henry, formerly of the highly-acclaimed ambient electronica act Children Of The Bong. In 1998, Euphonic released their self-tiled debut, ranging from big beat and dub, to chilled melodies, jungle and acid, reminiscent of the range of an act such as Meat Beat Manifesto. The same year, they recorded their first collaborations with SOW and PIG, the other co-creators of "Dog". The excellent label which released it, Different Drummer, eventually folded, with the Euphonic album becoming difficult to find from then on, until now. Our own 21 Jumpsuit has long cited the album as one of his all-time favorites. Check it out clips in the shop, we can't recommend it enough! You'll of course see plenty of new Euphonic on our next release, which we've also posted for pre-order in the shop.

Chicago Independent has agreed to some physical distribution from us. Graveface Records has also opened a digital wing, "Graveface Distribution", and will be assisting us in putting our releases onto iTunes, amazon and other such digital retailers. "Tööpuudus" should be available digitally today, while "Dog" will likewise be available March 16. A huge thanks to Ryan at Graveface for helping I, Absentee reach wider audiences! We'll work out the back catalog as well, but it'll take us some time.

After a fairly long stretch of silence, The Red Falcon Projects have returned with a remix for Micko Westmoreland. He did some amazing work in the 90s as "The Bowling Green", working with the likes of Luke Vibert and µ-Ziq, amongst others. The RFP remix will be available on "Wax & Wayne - The Remixes" on standard CD (in one of 5 possible color discs!) March 01, while the digital version is out now though most digital retailers. It's an excellent remix, so be sure to throw out a dollar and download it, if nothing else. We recommend the full disc though, as Micko himself will be making an eventual I, Absentee appearance, with a TBA unreleased project. However, that's a story for another update...

From here we shift our attention to our first standard CD. SOW's "Dog" is available for pre-order from us and will be out March 16th. This will be our final release for awhile, as it took us just over a year to prepare. So we're devoting our attention into it for awhile. We hope you'll check it out and enjoy it. Speaking of which, we've just uploaded a exclusive, non-album track from the Dog sessions at the SOW site. "Victim" is a near seven minute, slow, bluesy twister and just a glimpse at the range of the new release. We thank you, as always, for your support!

Maps And Diagrams - Tööpuudus IA030

1. Urschîpfung
2. Glottal
3. KÑsiraamat

Toopuudus - Cover

Trills - Modular Puzzle Jan. 31, 2010

We're very honored to present Modular Puzzle, the new album from Trills. Jonathan Jindra is the man behind the name, a prolific musician and video designer from Houston, Texas. He's appeared previously with esteemed netlabels such as Archaic Horizon and Retropublik, and will be appearing at Ian Hawgood's forthcoming label, Nomadic Kids Republic. "Modular Puzzle<" marks his debut physical release.

The album is a punching acid techno piece. However, it's range travels much deeper. There are moments of downtempo melancholy, such as the lead single, "Flavia" (available for free download on the catalog page), as well as shimmering synth pieces such as "Shiva" and "Paragon", which sound as if they're lost themes from Blade Runner. Acid beats and pulsating melodies dominate the landscape of"Modular Puzzle", presenting a truly unique journey for the listener. It's as tight and fluid an album as any we've released.

Phuturelabs has done a feature on "Modular Puzzle", which includes streams of "Binarium" and "Flavia", as well as a brief interview with Trills. There's also an exclusive six minute mix called "Bia Lola (Phuturelabs Mix)", featuring some sound elements from Modular Puzzle.

Koen Park's Remixes, Reworkings And Reimaginings and Talons' Dubai have sold out and are now out of print, with several more releases soon to follow. If you've not grabbed any of the following titles, these are the final opportunities. A huge thanks to everyone for helping make these discs so successful!

RFP (Red Falcon Projects) - Ice Warz '85 - 3 copies left
Milieu - New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies - 2 copies left
Dorosoto - Embryonic Audio Restoration - 2 copies left
D.D. NewMole - The Twilight Fires - Volume Two - 2 copies left

We'll return next month with a new 3" EP from the highly acclaimed Maps And Diagrams, entitled "Tööpuudus". If you've enjoyed some of our more ambient output, it's is easily one of our best in that realm. We follow that with the SOW album in March. It's currently available for pre-order. Then comes radio silence...

Trills - Modular Puzzle IA029

1. Zurich
2. Binarium
3. Flavia
4. Purple Triangle
5. Faile
6. Chant Of The Echelon
7. Public Announcement
8. Amina
9. Phaeloe
10. Shiva
11. Paragon
12. Erawitt

Modular Puzzle - Cover

Ten And Tracer - April Kids Jan. 04, 2010

We're wasting no time launching right into 2010, bringing April a bit early this winter. Our first release of year three at I, Absentee is Ten And Tracer's excellent April Kids. The first half of the disc recollects all tracks from his classic "Electric Avenue Chapter 7" disc, which was a 2003 Japan-only release, long since out of circulation. Meanwhile, the second half presents several gems previously unreleased from the era (circa 2000-2003). "No Magic Martin (Cross Reprise)" is a third version of the classic track from "An Hour Brighter", while "Logan Five" and "Jessica Six" are part of a trilogy of tracks, continued from "A Distant Monarch" (the first track of the trilogy being "Runner"). "April Kids" holds a spot alongside such Ten And Tracer classics as "An Hour Brigher" and "Companion" as one of his finest examples of melodic IDM/electronica. It's vintage Ten And Tracer and easily one of our favorite releases we've ever put together.

We're on the eve of launching our largest scale project in the history of I, Absentee, which is the SOW album. So large is it that we've created an entire SOW branch of the site. As you'll see, it's a detailed, expansive page with lots of content, hopefully indicating the level of detail we took on all aspects of the project. The pre-order for Dog, I, Absentee's first standard CD/digital release is underway as of today. However, the album will not be officially surfacing until March 16th. We have a couple more releases in the meantime, which we'll focus on here at the main site. So to keep up with the SOW activities, please follow the subsite until March, when we'll turn our full attention to "Dog".

We're also launching direct digital releases today, starting with April Kids. Not all of the catalog will be published digitally. Some things, such as "Night Creature" and "Rarefied Audio", will never appear. We're simply offering select titles to test things for now. If you're not interested in physical copies and want to save a little, that's probably your best option. For now, all files are presented as 320kbps MP3s. If there's a demand for FLACs or WAVs, we'll look into providing more options. For now, we just have the digital links on the individial catalog pages for each release. Forgive us for the simplistic nature of the digital links for now. Bear with us and we'll get an improved digital order page put together soon, listing all the releases in one spot.

The initial wave of titles available for direct digital download are IA028, IA015, IA012, IA011, IA008, IA005, IA002 and IA001. Depending on the support it gets, we'll offer more titles as we continue on. We're not planning any digital-only releases. It's simply intended as a supplemental option to our continued physical output. Please let us know if there's any problems with the digital system, but it should be fully functional.

Speaking of downloads, we have our first update to the 24/7 Bermuda Triangle in quite some time. We've gone way back to the early months of the label, with two unreleased tracks from Michael Stoltz. They've very raw and lo-fi, recorded from the same era as his Blizzard Machine EP. Check out the free downloads at IA013.

Birth Certificate and Blizzard Machine are back in stock after some fairly long absences, while on the other side of things Dubai and Remixes, Reworkings And Reimaginings are down to their final copies before going out of print.

After Mint's appearance on our recent Simple Circuits album, Mall Securty has returned the favor with a remix for Mint's forthcoming "Glued, Stapled, Remixed". This is the companion to his excellent 2009 album, "Cardboard Rocketships". It's a digital only release, out January 29th on Boltfish.

Be sure to check out the clips of April Kids, including a free download of "Supernumerary Arcs". Also check in with us regularly over the upcoming months, as we'll be very active. We'll return next with the amazing "Modular Puzzle" from Trills, which we feel is quite a breakthrough album.

Ten And Tracer - April Kids IA028

1. Nez Perce
2. Kae Version Two
3. Supernumerary Arcs
4. Blaming Wind And Trees - Loves Repeat
5. Meet The Voice
6. Planet Education
7. Rainbows Burn The Stars
8. No Magic Martin (Cross Reprise)
9. Logan Five
10. Jessica Six
11. East Glacr Plart
12. Finalists

April Kids - Cover

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