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Mall Security - Simple Circuits Dec. 06, 2009

While I, Absentee began with an original trio of Dorosoto, 21 Jumpsuit and Boozhownd Doggonit, Mall Security was essentially our first signing from that point. As we prepared to launch, we became introduced to the music of Steve Lutes, and his debut album, Things I Thought Of And Made, became our third release at the label.

A fitting coincidence that his work would also kick off our "Twilight Fires" series, which became an avenue to many acts joining the label. So it seems only natural Mall Security would become our first act to return for a sophomore album from us.

Simple Circuits sees the return of Mall Security's signature style of melodic IDM and pure electronica. However, gone are the moments of synth-pop spattered through his debut effort, in favor of an increased shift toward acid sounds. Also altered is his method of production. While the first album was largely created on computers, for "Simple Circuits", Lutes opted to record almost entirely on analog gear.

The album title itself refers to this evolution in production and songwriting, simplifying while advancing. Twelve new tracks in total are capped off with three guest remixes, from his Red Falcon accomplice Dorosoto, label-mate D.D. NewMole and the always excellent Mint (Boltfish, U-Cover, Rednetic). The artwork was created by eye.lyft, who previously designed Dorosoto's Embryonic Audio Restoration album.

"Simple Circuits" sees the completion of our second year, from one of the cornerstones of the label. As always, clips and artwork are available on our catalog page, along with a free download of the track "Southside Walking".

We've recently created an I, Absentee facebook page, if you have an account and would like to follow us there. We'll try to keep it interesting, but we're not promising success.

This concludes year two of I, Absentee, which was heavily focused on remixes and collaborations. It acquated us with a lot of other artists and labels we respected out there. As we enter year three, we'll begin to slowly execute some larger projects, most notably the SOW album, which has been the largest scale production we've ever embarked on. Nearly all of our output will remain CDr, but we're also challenging ourselves to accomplish new things in the process.

This winter will see us releasing music from Ten And Tracer and Trills, amongst others. Thanks to everyone who discovered us in 2009 and to all who've been with us longer. We push ourselves very hard to improve each year, so we'd like to think our best is always yet to come. We'll see you in the new year.

Mall Security - Simple Circuits IA027

1. Social Security
2. Roll North
3. Motum
4. Southside Walking
5. Durbin Acid
6. Li
7. Onin
8. Repitive
9. Yes Kitten, It's A Struggle
10. Noodles
11. MS408
12. Journzig
13. Yes Kitten, It's A Struggle (Catnap Dub By Dorosoto)
14. The Right Time (D.D. NewMole Remix)
15. Social Security (Mint's 44 Remix)
Simple Circuits - Cover

Forrest U-Cover Imports Now In Stock Nov. 23, 2009

For the first time, Forrest's excellent 2007 releases, "Summer Sounds Asleep" and "Indiana Burn" are currently available from us in the order section of the site, courtesy of our friends at U-Cover. "Summer Sounds Asleep" is something of a precursor to the formation of our label, featuring a lot of familiar names. It was the debut Forrest release and featured early appearances from Dorosoto and 21 Jumpsuit (as Orlando Copping). Also aboard were Milieu and Ontayso, both of whom our fans should be well familiar with. The album is an essential to anyone interested in how we came into existence.

The "Indiana Burn" EP surfaced just before we launched, and it's a perfect showcase of classic Forrest material. Reverb drenched, hazy feedback layers through 23 minutes of this finely crafted EP. It's a 3" packaged in a mini-DVD case. If you've never been able to afford the imports, now's your chance to have them. We only have a few of each, so don't wait if you're interested. They should certainly appeal to fans of ours. Both receive our highest recommendation.

Talons' - Dubai Nov. 15, 2009

Talons' has finally arrived to the shores of I, Absentee with their new Dubai EP. The music is something of a working class, lo-fi folk soundtrack to the New Depression. Recorded in Europe this past Spring during a year long stay in Spain, the EP is a great introduction to Talons' distinct blend of bleak, sometimes humorous lyrics and homespun blends of acoustic guitar, field recordings and folk melodies.

Mike Tolan of Akron, Ohio is the primary creative force behind Talons' and first appeared with us last year under his Moustache Mountain guise for the elusive Anyteazers / Swepstone Songs split with Forrest. A rabid fan and longtime friend, Forrest brought the music to the attention of I, Absentee. This EP is easily the least electronic thing we've ever released, yet still fits naturally into the more melancholy, downtempo apect of our catalogue.

If you enjoy acts such as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Iron And Wine or Hayden, we think you'll appreciate the music. Talons' is no doubt a name you're going to see a lot in the future, both here and through many respected labels around the world. We recommend their "Songs For Babes" album, recently released on standard CD/digital in Europe via the esteemed Own Records (The Green Kingdom, Trouble Books, etc).

"Dubai" is limited to a scarce 25 copies, and much like last year's "Anyteazers" split, it's a completely hand-made effort. Every copy was designed personally by Mike Tolan, with no two exactly alike. Clips and art are available on our catalog page.

We've got a small number of copies of Hvoya's album Flower back in stock, if anyone missed it. These are likely the final copies.

Thanks to everyone who kept up with the rapid amount of releases we had over the past few months. We have just one final release planned for the remainder of 2009, which is the sophomore album from Mall Security, entitled "Simple Circuits". Look for it in December.

Talons' - Dubai IA026

1. Collecting Things
2. Aqua Fina
3. Work Clothes
4. HD
5. Dubai

Dubai - Cover

Lunar Testing Lab - The Twilight Fires: Volume Three Nov. 01, 2009

For the final installment of 2009 in our "Twilight Fires" series, we've shed the 3" format in favor of a 5" and traded in the jewel cases for a limited tin. This third installation of the series highlights the work of Lunar Testing Lab. Tracks from Space Program, Seashore Blvd. and even one track from his next release all receive the remix treatment, from a vast array of talented artists and peers we admire, most of them new to our doors. Power Pill Fist takes on LTL's most chaotic track, "Disastro", with his first official remix ever. Boreal Network (Moodgadget) takes on "Midnight Zone", which is a forthcoming track yet to see the light of day. Drexon Field (Attacknine) and member Devin Underwood's solo project Specta Ciera both contribute warm, stellar treatments, while offthesky (Databloem, Somnia) and Maps And Diagrams (Moamoo, Awkward Silence) both turn in beautiful, ambient reinterpretations. Lunar Testing Lab himself delivers an amazing new version of his excellent "Mock Orange" track. Last but not least, there's the "Early Witches" remix by our newest addition to the label, Ten And Tracer.

As is always the case with this series, it took us quite awhile to assemble, having begun last Spring. Clips and art can be found on the catalog page. It's quite likely other remixers besides Ten And Tracer will be working with us in 2010, so the disc also serves as something of a peek at further acts we'll be crossing paths with in time. As for Tracer, we'll soon be issuing an incredible collection of rare and unreleased material (much of it from the "An Hour Brighter" / "A Distant Monarch" era), entitled "April Kids". Amongst the tracks will be the complete "Electric Avenue Chapter 7" release, previously a very limited Japan-only 3", long out of circulation.

In related Power Pill Fist news, his long anticipated Vs. EP with our own Mall Security will be going up for pre-order November 10th. Entitled "Byte Marks", the next chapter to 2008's "White Noise Fury" will be available directly from the Power Pill site.

The "Vulnerabilities And Consequences" 12" has sold out from us before even reaching the release date. Thanks to all who picked it up! Copies are still readily available directly from Unrecognized.org. Don't miss it, it's a great release.

We'll return next with our first release of Moustache Mountain's indie-folk outfit Talons'. It's a departure from our usual sound, but we hope some of you will appreciate a change of pace, as our aim has always been to simply release what we liked, regardless of genre. Rest assured we'll be back to beats and buttons soon enough...

Lunar Testing Lab - The Twilight Fires: Volume Three IA023

1. Disastro (Power Pill Fisted)
2. Mock Orange (Remix) By Lunar Testing Lab
3. Midnight Zone (Night Sky Rmx) By Boreal Network
4. Glacia (Specta Ciera Remix)
5. Nutone (Neon Gumshoe Edit) By offthesky
6. Phantom Cosmonaut (Early Witches Remix) By Ten And Tracer
7. Astro-B (Drexon Field Remix)
8. Summer Seas (Maps And Diagrams Remix)

The Twilight Fires: Volume Three - Cover

Night Creature Oct. 18, 2009

For two weeks only, Night Creature is here. Hohner & Johnson is a one-off collaboration of Forrest and Boozhownd Doggonit. This is our most haunted, elusive release. This EP showcases both artists in rare form, sounding as if the music doesn't even exist on disc, rather echoes and drifts from somewhere outside, beyond fields and cornstalks silhouetted in the night. The 3" will never reappear after October 31st. It is only here and now.

The 3" EP is limited to 25 copies. November 1st all order links will be removed and we'll jump into our next release, "The Twilight Fires: Volume Three", which marks the return of Lunar Testing Lab.

Alpha Aesar is now sold out and out of print. Thanks to everyone who picked it up!

Hohner & Johnson - Night Creature IA024

1. Empty Betty
2. Coastal Crevices
3. Gasps In The Night
4. Hall Of Jackels
5. Night Creature

Night Creature - Cover

Vulnerabilities And Consequences Oct. 13, 2009

Unrecognized.org is a new electro / synth-pop label based out of Toronto, Canada. It's owned and operated by our longtime friend Edwin Wong, who did artwork for our Birth Certificate and Koen Park albums (as well as even our logo). "Vulnerabilities And Consequences" is the debut Unrecognized 12", featuring some past (+future?) collaborators and friends of I, Absentee, such as Lowfish (IA008), Goudron (IA005) and more.

The complete line-up features exclusive cuts from Solvent (Ghostly International, Morr Music), Lowfish (Satamile, Suction Records), G.D. Luxxe (Angelika Köhlermann, Breakin'), Goudron (Ersatz Audio, Interdimensional Transmissions), Beta Evers (Crème Organization, Bunker) and Minisystem (Noise Factory). It's limited to a very scarce 300 copies worldwide! We've only got a small number, so be sure to pre-order if you want one. Check the order page for audio clips. We highly recommend it!

Dorosoto's second and final pressing of the Sounds Look Similar 3" is now sold out and out of print. Thanks to everyone who picked one up! We'll be back next week with our 2 week only "Night Creature" run, see you then.

Dorosoto - Embryonic Audio Restoration Sept. 14, 2009

After three EPs over the past 2 years, Dorosoto has gathered the works together for his debut remix album, Embryonic Audio Restoration. The disc is a largely beat-driven affair, with reinterpretations ranging from downtempo IDM to acid and dubstep. The album features 11 remixes, spanning tracks from Hypnotic Gyre, Sounds Look Similar and Rarefied Audio.

The line-up includes Tobacco (Anticon, Black Moth Super Rainbow), Anders Ilar (Shitkatapult, Merck), Joseph Auer (U-Cover, Boltfish), Jack Marchment (Benbecula, Herb), Coppice Halifax (aka Milieu, fresh off his "New Drugs" reissue), Ontayso (U-Cover), Acid Elf (Napalm Enema), Cru Jonez (Boomclique, Organik), D'antini (alias of Mall Security), Lunar Testing Lab (Secret Station) and a new act by the name of Weev.

The album's limited edition pressing comes on black digipak, featuring designs and photography by graphic artist eye.lyft. Check out the catalog page for clips of many remixes. The album is currently available for pre-order, with a release date of September 28th.

We will next return with the mysterious "Night Creature" disc, which is our special Halloween release, and one of the most limited things we'll ever do. This will be our first release ever listed for a reserved window of time. There will be 25 copies, of which only a portion will be available for sale. It will be up for a two week period, October 18th through the 31st (unless it sells out), before permanently vanishing into the ether.

Dorosoto - Embryonic Audio Restoration IA022

1. Emerald Building... (Tobacco Remix)
2. Amber Dub (Cru Jonez Remix)
3. Trybalake (D'antini's Tribali Tenebre Remix)
4. Memory Circle (Acid Elf Remix)
5. In Planetary (Jack Marchment Remix)
6. Mirrir (Lunar Testing Lab Remix)
7. Memory Circle (Weev's Shady Acres Dub)
8. Dioline (Anders Ilar Remix)
9. Amber Dub (Coppice Halifax Remix)
10. In Planetary (Joseph Auer Remix)
11. Amber Dub (Ontayso Remix)

Embryonic Audio Restoration - Cover

Milieu - New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies Aug. 31, 2009

After appearing on no less than five releases with us already, Milieu had pretty much become an honorary member of the roster. So it seemed a natural leap for him to finally have his own release with us. The 2007 album, "New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies", seemed like the perfect place to start.

The album, considered by Milieu one of his personal favorite works amongst his vast catalog, has long been out of print and sold out. It showcases Milieu at his most beat-oriented and melodic, with twenty tracks of hazy, nostalgic rhythms clocking in at over seventy-nine minutes. We barely managed to keep it a single disc release.

"New Drugs" has been freshly remastered, with all new artwork. Eight bonus tracks have been added, including Milieu's complete half of The Tandem Series 5 disc for the excellent Boltfish label. The album is capped off with three previously unreleased tracks from the era.

Anyone who's followed the label should be quite familiar with Milieu at this point. "New Drugs" is truly one of the standout discs of his prolific body of work and we are excited to bring it back into circulation. Check out the catalog page for several sound clips and a free download of the track "Echo Spectrum". The album should also be available through Norman Records, n5md, Smallfish and, for the first time in Japan at Linus Records.

Dorosoto will soon be returning with his first remix album, entitled "Embryonic Audio Restoration". The line-up features Tobacco (Anticon), Anders Ilar (Merck, Shitkatapult), Joseph Auer (Boltfish), Jack Marchment (Benbecula, Herb), Acid Elf (Napalm Enema), Lunar Testing Lab, Coppice Halifax, Cru Jonez (solo producer, drummer for Michna/Raw Paw), D'Antini (Italian electro alias of Mall Security), Weev and Ontayso (U-Cover). You can check out a short teaser for the disc below.

RFP will be opening live for Tobacco in Cleveland, Ohio on September 19th at The Grog Shop. This is tentatively planned to be the final RFP live performance for awhile, as they shift their attention toward some upcoming solo material, as well as the next phase of RFP.

Our Birth Certificate compilation is now out of stock, as are the Hvoya and Michael Stoltz releases. These aren't permanently out of print. However, it might be awhile before we have further copies available. Many other releases in the back catalog are very low on copies, some of which will be out of print when they're gone. I've noted all low quantity items on the order page.

On a final note, we will be doing a limited edition Halloween release this year, known as "Night Creature". It will be a 3", strictly limited to 25 copies, with no repress. More details to come.

Dorosoto - "E.A.R." promo edit from Joshua Rogers on Vimeo

Milieu - New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies IA020

1. Summer Honey
2. Plume Train
3. Space Piano
4. Boulevard Haze
5. Luke's Rusty Drum
6. Daughter
7. Dionysus In Reds
8. Easily Along
9. Alice Flagg
10. Echo Spectrum
11. Tropic Casanova
12. Family Opium
13. Prismatic Outro Tape
14. Threw Ourselves Into The Sun
15. Rain Metre
16. Rusty Drum Reprise
17. Saltwater
18. Charcoal
19. Epigraph Loop
20. Schoolbells
New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies - Cover

The Twilight Fires: Volume One - Free Download Aug. 16, 2009

We've decided to provide Mall Security's The Twilight Fires: Volume One as a free download. Originally released in January 2009 as a limited edition free 3", the disc features remixes from Mrs Jynx (Planet Mu), Phasen (U-Cover) and Koen Park (Smallfish). It also features Mall Security, under his Kontyx guise, remixing D.D. NewMole. The release is capped off with an exclusive, original track from Mall Security, entitled "Useless" (initially a hidden track on the 3"). If you've not heard Mall Security before, it's a great introduction piece.

Free download:
Mall Security - The Twilight Fires: Volume One

D.D. NewMole - The Twilight Fires: Volume Two Aug. 10, 2009

At long last, we've reached the release of The Twilight Fires - Volume Two, highlighting remixes of D.D. NewMole. A sequel to Mall Security's first volume, this release became an odyssey, both of challenges and advancements, amounting in more ongoing prep time than anything else in the history of the label. It requiried about a year for us to assemble.

The 3" features an excellent remix from Jodey Kendrick, who recently released his new 12" at Rephlex. We highly recommend it, in addition to his great work as +10/+10 Acid Crew. Also aboard is Naphta, arguably one of the premier jungle producers in music currently. He's long been a favorite amongst many at the label. We can't recommend him enough. JDSY of Ghostly International (who you might recall from the popular "Ghostly Swim" compilation) delivers his excellent "Porkstep" remix, while Phasen returns from "Volume One" of the series, with his sister remix for D.D. The line-up is rounded out with a newcomer by the name of Battery Collection. We hope you enjoy it, as we really went to extraordinary lengths in making it. Be sure to check out the multiple sound clips, as well as D.D.'s original works on his fine album The Earth Trembled.

Talons' (a forthcoming I, Absentee act, featuring Mike Tolan, aka Moustache Mountain) will be releasing the excellent "Songs For Babes" (one of Dorosoto's top album picks of 2008) internationally September 2nd, on the fine Own Records label in Europe. Own recently also issued the Trouble Books album, "The United Colors Of Trouble Books", featuring Talons on guitar. These are both excellent albums from some friends you'll be hearing a lot more from in the future.

Lunar Testing Lab's Secret Station label has their debut compilation out this week, entitled "Broadcast 01", featuring exclusives from LTL, Power Pill Fist and several more Pennsylvania-based artists. Speaking of Power Pill, a reminder he'll be hitting the road shortly with RFP for a string of shows together. Check the PPF site for all the final dates and venues.

We'll be returning very shortly with the next releases, capping off the summer with Milieu's first proper release for I, Absentee, the exceptional "New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies" re-release.

We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the passing of Dani Baquet-Long, of the duo Celer. We've long admired their wonderful body of work. Thus, we were very saddened by Dani's untimely loss last month at age 26. If you're not familiar with Celer's music, please seek it out. Many of their releases are available online as free downloads, or otherwise generally available for very modest prices amongst some wonderful labels and friends, such as Infraction, Home Normal, Smallfish, EED and many more. Celer was always about the music first, both as fans and artists in their own right, and carried our great respect. Please feel free to send your thoughts to Dani's recording partner and husband, Will, at the Celer myspace page, if you haven't already.

D.D. NewMole - The Twilight Fires: Volume Two IA016

1. Rare White Albino (Phasen Mix)
2. You're My Cure (JDSY PorkstepRMX)
3. You're My Cure (Battery Collection Remix)
4. Trizoux (Naphta RMX)
5. Me Oh Me Stylez (JK Remix)

The Twilight Fires: Volume Two - Cover

New RFP (Red Falcon Projects) Mini-Album - Out Now Jun. 29, 2009

The Red Falcon Projects, now primarily known as RFP, have finally delivered their first release to I, Absentee. RFP, the duo of Dorosoto and Mall Security, first surfaced on our Birth Certificate compilation, then followed with remixes of Alpha Aesar and Lunar Testing Lab at the label in 2008. After an extended hiatus, they've returned with "Ice Warz '85", a five track mini-album, limited edition of just fifty copies.

The following are confirmed dates for RFP's upcoming "Fists And Falcons" mini-tour with Power Pill Fist:
August 19, 2009 - Belvedere's - Pittsburgh, PA
August 20, 2009 - The Treehouse - Columbus, OH
August 21, 2009 - BoBo Gallery, Asheville, NC
August 22, 2009 - TBA
August 23, 2009 - The Matinee - Akron, OH (w/ special guest D.D. NewMole)

"Ice Warz '85" is available now. Head to the catalog page to see the very unique artwork and sound clips.

RFP (Red Falcon Projects) - Ice Warz '85 IA021

1. Time Warp
2. Bass Owl (Live)
3. Operation RFP (Live)
4. Ice Warz '85
5. The Continuous Level (Live)

Ice Warz '85 - Cover

New Lunar Testing Lab EP Jun. 08, 2009

"Seashore Blvd." is the newest EP from Lunar Testing Lab, which marks the debut release at his own Secret Station label. You can pre-order the release there now, which begins shipping June 12.

We've created an I, Absentee mailing list at the website. You can find the sign up form on the main page of the site.

A few people have written asking about The Twilight Fires - Volume One. A couple last copies can still be acquired through Smallfish, as we included it for them to ship with "Things I Thought Of And Made". That's the last place left for it that we're aware.

SOW Signs To I, Absentee Jun. 02, 2009

We are pleased to announce the seminal underground act SOW has signed to I, Absentee, for what will become our first standard CD/digital album. SOW is Anna Wildsmith, a musician and writer from rural France. Musically, the primary songwriter behind SOW has been Raymond Watts, better known as PIG, of the legendary Wax Trax! Records and Trent Reznor's Nothing Records fame. Watts is also widely known as an original member of KMFDM, appearing through much of their height through the 1990s and beyond. Wildsmith and Watts are joined by Rob Henry of Euphonic and Children Of The Bong, the latter act of the Planet Dog label, alongside such esteemed names as Banco De Gaia and Eat Static. Additional SOW collaborators of the past twenty years have included some of the most influential underground musicians from around the world, such as J.G. Thrilwell (Foetus, Manorexia, Wiseblood), Sascha Konietzko (KMFDM, Excessive Force), Bryan Black (MOTOR, XLOVER, haloblack), Günter Schulz (KMFDM, Pigface, Slick Idiot), Jon Caffery (Kids On TV, producer of Einstürzende Neubauten) and many more. In the two decades passed, SOW has released just two albums, "Je M'Aime" and "Sick". Both were issued via Martin Atkins' Invisible Records in the US, with SOW landing a supporting tour in 1998, both opening and playing as a live member in the legendary industrial outfit Pigface.

Over a decade of near total silence followed. Recorded in London over a span of years, the long-awaited third album has finally been completed. The music is provided by Watts and Henry, and the resulting full-length is known simply as "Dog". Look for it later this year from I, Absentee, it's going to be something special.

The excellent new Phasen album, Listening To Old West Coast Rap, is out now and shipping from us. If you've heard any of Phasen's previous work, this one's certainly his finest release to date. If you're new to him, you won't be disappointed with it.

After an extended hiatus, The Red Falcon Projects are gearing up to return, as one-off guest openers for Black Moth Super Rainbow, currently in the middle of their highly successful "Eating Us" tour. The Falcon gig falls in Cleveland, Ohio on June 27th at The Grog Shop. Consider it a must-see, if you're anywhere in the area. RFP will follow it up by once again be doing a mini-tour with Power Pill Fist later this summer. Keep checking the Power Pill site for a list of complete dates, which are still being worked out.

D.D. NewMole will be playing Cleveland on June 15th, opening for Deastro, of Ghostly International. Ghostly label-mate JDSY recently remixed D.D., for our upcoming "The Twilight Fires - Volume Two". Be sure to check out D.D. NewMole's great debut, The Earth Trembled, if you haven't already.

Moustache Mountain and Forrest have just released a free sequel to our 2008 split "Anyteazers / Swepstone Songs". The new split is a free digital release, available for download via our neighbors at Actual Archives. There's also exclusive digitial singles from D.D. NewMole and Talons' available as well, if you missed them.

SOW - Dog teaser

Phasen Pre-Order May 13, 2009

After numerous releases on fine labels such as U-Cover and Distant Noise, Phasen arrives at I, Absentee with what he considers his most accomplished album to date. Listening To Old West Coast Rap presents a maturity in sound from Ryan Parmer, who has remixed Mall Security, D.D. NewMole and Koen Park at the label already, as well as working with acts such as Mrs Jynx, Milieu, Electricwest, Ontayso, Joseph Auer, City Rain, Cheju and many more.

In the past, Parmer has been very prolific, knocking out several releases before even reaching age 20. However, with "Listening To Old West Coast Rap", he slowed down his production and set out to eclipse his past works and early recordings of the past few years. Recorded over a ten month span, the album thematically explores some of Phasen's influences of the 90s hip hop scene of West Coast America. Not to be mislead by the title, however, the album is vintage Phasen, only more disciplined and better than ever. Fans of his previous works are sure to consider this one a favorite.

"Listening To Old West Coast Rap" is now available for pre-order, with a release date of June 02, 2009. The album is fifteen tracks, running over 70 minutes in length. The disc is capped of with an epic, near ten minute remix of the title track from Rumorse. Be sure to visit the catalog page for sound clips of that, as well as several other songs from the album, including a free download of the track "plACID".

Dorosoto's recent limited 3", Rarefied Audio, is no longer available. We've shipped the final copies out as of today. We may repress it someday in another short run, however no plans for that are currently on the radar. Thanks to the few who were able to check it out, as it was intended as an under-the-radar release from us. On a related note, we're down to single digit numbers remaining of Koen Park's "Remixes, Reworkings And Reimaginings", as well as his "Everything In Shadow" album and Power Pill Fist Vs. Dorosoto's "White Noise Fury". Check those out in the order section if you haven't already, as they'll be gone soon.

Our own Lunar Testing Lab was recently interviewed for a 2-page article in a Belgian print magazine called Magazine One. You can also view the issue (which is not in English) at their website currently. Lunar Testing Lab is in the early stages of launching a label of his own this summer, called Secret Station.

We have some excellent additions to the 24/7 Bermuda Triangle download section of the website. Moustache Mountain makes a most welcomed return to I, Absentee, after 2008's split with Forrest, to bring a fantastic song called "Icefisherman", from his "Wolf Moon" cassette release. It was limited to a staggering 10 copies. The track features vocals over his trademark Moustache Mountain ambient sounds, so be sure to give it a listen. Also available is a previously unreleased track from Moustache Mountain alter-ego and indie-rock outfit, Talons'. We have full-length albums in the works from both Talons' and Moustache Mountain planned, which we're highly anticipating around the label. So consider these a couple early previews of things to come. Also new to the downloads is "Frequency Jammer", a change-of-pace song from Lunar Testing Lab. You can also check out "Tele-pacho" from the mysterious Halogen, which we'll finally reveal are essentially a few very early, pre-Alpha Aesar demos, from the same duo.

Phasen - Listening To Old West Coast Rap IA018

1. I Don't Really Care For Egg Salad
2. Gaming Music, Sans Nintendo
3. plACID
4. The Most Spiritual
5. Sockets
6. Post Panda
7. Listening To Old West Coast Rap
8. Glass Is A Liquid
9. Glass Dub
10. Diskotek
11. Cheux
12. Gilded Kitten
13. Pnut Butta Mycosandwhich
14. A Negative Epiphany
15. Listening To Old West Coast Rap (Rumorse's Vast Nullarbor Remix)

Listening To Old West Coast Rap - Cover

Koen Park / Dorosoto Updates Apr. 30, 2009

Koen Park's Remixes, Reworkings And Reimaginings is out today. It's available from fine retailers such as Norman Records (a recommended pick by them!), Smallfish, n5md, Bent Crayon, U-Cover and of course us. There's only 100 of these, so be sure to check it out, as well as the Smallfish companion EP, also released today. Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered a copy, we're already starting to run low.

Dorosoto's Sounds Look Similar is finally back in stock with us, for it's second and final pressing. The art is once again hand-made by Dorosoto, with every copy including a unique transparency of the original art. We've done 25 again, for anyone who missed the very brief original run. Whenever these are gone, that's the last of them.

We have new, extremely limited Dorosoto 3" available today, and this one's free. Rarefied Audio recollects most of the early Dorosoto material from the self-released EP1. These tracks were the first Dorosoto material ever recorded, circulated privately amongst friends, until now. The 3" has also been supplemented with some unreleased bits from the "Hypnotic Gyre" and "Sounds Look Similar" sessions, before being capped off with an unheard, alternate Dorosoto remix of Forrest (originally written for the Summer Sounds Asleep album in 2007). "Rarefied Audio" is the first physical installment of our 24/7 Bermuda Triangle series of lost tracks, initially launched as a free download section earlier this year. We'll be throwing this 3" in free with orders, limited to one copy per customer. So if you want one, simply place any order with us over the next couple weeks and you'll get it. We'll mention it here whenever they're gone. It's intended as a very limited run, so it'll vanish soon (though not necessarily permanently). This will likely be our final free physical release for awhile, as we have a heavy summer catalog we need to shift attention toward. We hope you've enjoyed them. We'll try to plan more eventually.

The final copies of Mall Security's The Twilight Fires - Volume One have shipped out and the release is now out of print. We have a lot of great new remixes lined up for the sequel installments over the coming months.

The excellent n5md shop is now stocking most I, Absentee releases. For fans in the USA, you can also find Forrest's U-Cover imports for modest rates there, if you're still in search of those.

Our Birth Certificate compilation is now out on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and most digital retailers. It's still in stock in physical format from us as well. It'll likely remain the only proper label compilation for quite awhile, so check it out if you haven't done so already.

-change is coming-

Everything In Shadow Apr. 10, 2009

We've just made available a few copies of Koen Park's 2008 album "Everything In Shadow" to order here at the site. This album features many of Koen Park's original compositions featured on our forthcoming Remixes, Reworkings And Reimaginings collection. It was released by our friends at Experimedia, packaged in their custom eco-wallet sleeves. If you enjoy our remix set, it should definitely be up your alley. We've included a few audio clips on the order page.

The always excellent Smallfish has just added most of I, Absentee's releases to their store. If you're in the UK or Europe, it could be the faster, cheaper route to our catalog. They've got some nice write-ups regarding our releases as well.

We're planning our second run of Dorosoto's Sounds Look Similar 3" in the coming weeks. This will be our final run of these. It'll once again be limited to just 25 copies.

Koen Park Double Album Pre-Order (Mrs Jynx, Cheju, Milieu, Phasen And More Apr. 02, 2009

Koen Park is the worbly, melodic alter-ego of Ian Hawgood, an ambient musician and head of the new Home Normal label. His new album for I, Absentee, "Remixes, Reworkings And Reimaginings", is a juggernaut of a release; our largest in scale to date. The new double remix album clocks in at over 60 mins. per disc, with everything packaged together and priced at no increase over our usual rate. The third and final piece of this massive project will be available separately via the fine folks at Smallfish, which we'll get into below.

Disc one of our double album assembles remixes of material from Koen Park's albums "Grey Night Clouds" and "Everything In Shadow" - both released last year through neighboring label Experimedia ("Grey Night Clouds" is a free download - check it out). The line-up of remixers includes familiar friends to our catalog, such as Mrs Jynx, Milieu and Phasen, as well as many fine artists appearing for the first time at I, Absentee, such as Cheju, Gabriel, Loafeye, The Dandelion Council and many more.

Disc two collects all the remixes to date Koen Park has done for other artists. There's excellent remixes of I, Absentee's own Mall Security and D.D. NewMole, as well as reinterpretations of Phasen, Rumorse, Vertical67 and many more.

The set is limited to only 100 copies. We've individually numbered every single disc, with each copy featuring it's own unique numbered print. The artwork was done by Edwin Wong, who last worked with us on our "Birth Certificate" designs. I, Absentee and Koen Park have partnered with Smallfish for the project, who are offering their own companion 3", sold seperately. "Remixes, Reworkings And Reimaginings In A Quiet Form" collects the more ambient/minimal interpertaions of the material, featuring another stellar line-up of Corey Fuller, Konntinent, Jeremy Bible and Celer.

Our double album, as well as Smallfish's sister 3", are now up for pre-order respectively, for release on April 30th, 2009. Everyone has put in a lot of work into this to make it a special project across the board. We really hope you'll check it out, as we've tried to present it in a different way from usual remix albums.

In other I, Absentee news, Phasen has signed on with us to release his long-in-the-works new album, "Listening To Old West Coast Rap". The material is considered by Phasen to be his most accomplished to date, and showcases a maturity to his production. Look for it in the upcoming months.

We've made Dorosoto's Hypnotic Gyre our first full digital release. It is currently on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and most digital retailers. Check it out if you haven't yet; we've priced it cheap. We are currently in the process of giving Birth Certificate a digital release next, which should be ready in a few weeks.

In related Dorosoto news, we will be extending our "24/7 Bermuda Triangle" series into physical format, with an upcoming 3". "Rarefied Audio" will collect the long lost "EP1" material (Dorosoto's first recordings, passed out to a few friends). It also gathers some lost bits from the "Hypnotic Gyre" and "Sounds Look Similar" sessions. We'll provide the full details soon.

The digital side of 24/7 Bermuda Triangle continues at the site as well. We have added a new Speed Control Head(!) track and an oldie from Halogen (anyone who knows our roster well enough should instantly recognize who's behind Halogen). We also have a new track from 21 Jumpsuit, which is a shift into some different sounds. There's a pair of songs from Cartel, which is our ghostwriter pseudonym for the roster, whenever no artist name has been assigned to a track. Finally, there's another lost track from the archives of wk inc. In all, six new tracks have been added for free consumption.

We're just about out of Mall Security's The Twilight Fires - Volume One 3". We'll ship them until they're gone. D.D. NewMole's "The Twilight Fires - Volume Two" has been pushed back slightly, as we're still finishing it up. We'll let you know when it's ready.

Be sure to check out the many Koen Park remix clips on the catalog page. We really hope you enjoy this set.

Koen Park - Remixes, Reworkings And Reimaginings IA017

Disc 1:
1. I Fall Into You (Falling Into You Remix By Das Rote Telefon)
2. The Sunset Industry (Fugenn And The White Elephants Remix)
3. Your Broadcast (Cheju Remix)
4. Agenda 21 (Portal Remix)
5. Phusiké (Trills Remix)
6. An H-R Diagram (IJO Remix)
7. A.Hoffmann (Gabriel Remix)
8. I Fall Into You (Falling Out Of You Remix By Isocore)
9. The Sunset Industry (The Dandelion Council Crayola Sunset Mix)
10. People As Ants (Phasen Remix)
11. Tear Road (Mrs Jynx Remix)
12. Surrounded By Pigments (Pastel Mmx By Milieu)
13. Fixed Luminosities (Reimagined By Loafeye)

Disc 2:
1. All Apologies - Fog_Lost (Ian Hawgood Remix)
2. Tidy Kid - Fragments 1 (Koen Park Remix)
3. Phasen - What Carbonation Sounds Like (Through People Remix By Koen Park)
4. D.D. NewMole - Rare White Albino (Itabashi Remix By Koen Park)
5. Phasen - Listen While You Walk (Koen Park Remix)
6. Mall Security - Overlapping Pixelated Hearts (Forêt Remix By Koen Park)
7. Vertical67 - Spring Recorder (Koen Park Remix)
8. D.D. NewMole - Rare White Albino (Funabashi Remix By Koen Park)
9. Rumorse - Azucena Drops (Koen Park Remix)
10. Entertainment For The Braindead - Colors (Washed With Pastel Remix By Ian Hawgood)
11. All Apologies - Air (Ian Hawgood Remix)

Remixes, Reworkings And Reimaginings - Cover

Dorosoto 3" - Sold Out! Mar. 23, 2009

Dorosoto's Sounds Look Similar is now sold out from us. Thanks to everyone who picked one up! Considering it didn't last a month, we'll try to organize a handful more copies eventually. If you're desperately looking for a copy in the interim, a couple online shops were given copies. Contact us and we'll point you in their direction.

Lunar Testing Lab / Milieu / D.D. NewMole News Mar. 18, 2009

Lunar Testing Lab has a new DVD/CD project out today, entitled "Space Transmission". The DVD half is a collaboration with our friends at Broken Machine Films, based out of Florida. The DVD features visuals to many of his I, Absentee tracks, alongside some rare and unreleased audio bits. The CD collects those bits, alongside some brand new material from LTL. It's a fine set, self-released directly from Lunar Testing Lab. It's limited to just 20 copies. Please support LTL and pick one up!

In a pairing probably destined to happen, Milieu has joined up with I, Absentee. He's been guesting on our releases since we began, and has always been a great supporter of ours. So we're very honored to bring forward some of his vast, influential body of work. We'll be revisiting one of his long deleted albums, "New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies", and expanding it in a loving new deluxe edition. He continues to run the excellent Milieu Music, where you can find most of his newest output. We can't recommend it enough!

D.D. NewMole will be making his mark on Cleveland, Ohio in April, with a special show opening for Michael Mayer of Kompakt Records fame. It's probably D.D.'s biggest show yet, so congratulations to him as his live show continues to expand. The show is April 22nd at the B-Side Liquor Lounge. Check it out if you're in the region. Also check out his excellent album for us The Earth Trembled, if you haven't done so yet.

We're down to just 2 copies left of Dorosoto's Sounds Look Similar, if you're still looking to pick one up.

New Limited Dorosoto EP - Out Now Mar. 02, 2009

Dorosoto's follow-up to the sold out "Hypnotic Gyre" EP is finally here, presented as a short-run 3" in very slim quantities. "Sounds Look Similar" shifts away from some of the more prominent rhythms of his 2008 outing and offers three new lush, ambient compositions. The artwork is a completely hand-made affair direct from Dorosoto, with every copy containing a unique transparency from his original art. The 3" discs themselves carry one of two possible print designs, as seen here.

We've printed up 25 copies of these worldwide, making it our most limited release in quite some time. If enough people are still looking for it after these 25 are gone, we'll consider doing a handful more. Either way, it'll be a very limited run, as a special item for Dorosoto fans.

We'll return shortly for "The Twilight Fires: Volume Two", with D.D. NewMole as the featured artist. It's something of a sister release to Volume One and picks up where that left off. For anyone still after Volume One, we're going to send out a few more free with regular orders. So all those who pick up "Sounds Look Similar" should get one with it for the next few weeks. Head to the catalog page to hear clips and order the new Dorosoto EP now.

Dorosoto - Sounds Look Similar IA015

1. In Planetary
2. One Voice Dub
3. Amber Dub

Sounds Look Similar - Cover

Hvoya Feb. 02, 2009

Hvoya is the first international act with I, Absentee, joining us from the Ukraine. She has spent the last couple years guesting on numerous producers' albums with her distinct, soothing vocals, while playing some memorable live sets at various gigs and festivals.

Hvoya is Irina Kustovska, a young singer/producer who began songwriting in 2006. Her songs have a sleek harmony and melodic touch, with vocals coated in memorable forms, under different languages. In 2007, her primary musical outlet took shape as Hvoya. Songs from her eventual debut album came into the hands of I, Absentee and we now introduce Flower for your listening. It is pressed on white digipak, and stands as one of our nicest packages we've put together yet. We encourage you to head to her catalog page and acquaint yourself more with her distinct sounds.

Another international act forthcoming to the roster is Koen Park. He recently remixed Mall Security for our The Twilight Fires 3" and has an upcoming remix of D.D. NewMole for us as well. Koen will be unleashing a double-album remix opus for I, Absentee, featuring Mrs Jynx, Cheju, Milieu, Phasen and many more. It's going to be the largest collection we've done thus far. Look for it this Spring. In the meantime, check out Koen's recent free digital release of his '84 '85 3" (originally released via the October Man label).

We have some great new additions to the 24/7 Bermuda Triangle download section. This round features an previously unreleased 21 Jumpsuit remix of Black Moth Super Rainbow. Dorosoto makes his debut in the collection with the fantastic track "Mirrir" (from the elusive "EP 1"). There's additional songs from Halogen, wk inc and the ever mysterious Cartel.

The final copies of Speed Control Head's self-titled album have sold out and the release is now out of print. We try to give a heads up any time we are running low on our releases, but at 21 Jumpsuit's recent opening performance for Nightmares On Wax, we sold out all of the copies we had left. Congratulations to 21 Jumpsuit for a successful evening. His newest album, I Heard You Were Away, remains in stock and shipping. Thanks to all who picked up a copy of the Speed Control Head album.

We'll be back next month with Dorosoto's official follow-up to the Hypnotic Gyre EP. It's going to be a special short-run 3" release, limited to a mere 25 copies. Keep your eyes peeled, it probably won't last long.

Hvoya - Flower IA012

1. Kvitka
2. Harmony
3. Song2us
4. As I Do
5. Green Grass
6. Karma
7. Lightness
8. Mind (Live Electronic Version)

Flower - Cover

Free Things Jan. 04, 2009

We have a massive update to start 2009, featuring loads of free music. First, we officially launch our debut series at the label, entitled "The Twilight Fires". The idea behind it is primarily to present remixes. We wanted to create an outlet to branch out and work with artists we liked, as well as allow the roster to occasionally collaborate, or present a new track. All volumes will be released on 3" format, highlighting a different artist each round.

The first artist for "Volume One" is Mall Security. Last year, he released the fantastic Things I Thought Of And Made. Here we feature several remixes from the album. Mrs Jynx kicks things off with an incredible take on "Reverror" (check out her excellent album for Planet Mu, "The Standoffish Cat"). Koen Park, who released a fine album on Experimedia last year, follows with a remix of "Overlapping Pixelated Hearts". Finally, Phasen of U-Cover does his own take on "Revererror". Phasen's is just kicking off his own imprint with [Unnamed Label] Records. Their upcoming compilation, "Friendly Strangers" (featuring Phasen, Milieu, Koen Park and many others) is a great collection freshly up for pre-order at their site.

To round out the 3", Mall Security appears with his own remix, marking the I, Absentee debut of his alter-ego Kontyx. He provides a reinterpretation of roster-mate D.D. NewMole's "You're My Cure", from his recently released album here at the label. There's even a brand new Mall Security song, entitled "Useless", serving as a fifth (hidden) track.

The Twilight Fires: Volume One will ship free with all orders of Things I Thought Of And Made. We encourage you check the album out if you missed it, and get both discs for one. To everyone who's ordered the Mall Security album in the past, we'll ship you the 3" free. Just write us and let us know your name and address (and the name the original order was placed under, if different from your own name), and we'll get a copy out shortly to you (while supplies last). For the next 2 weeks only, we'll ship the 3" with ALL label orders as well.

Today we're also officially launching a free MP3 section of the site, which finds it's home as IA013 in our catalog. "24/7 Bermuda Triangle" is not really a release, rather a black hole in the oeuvre of I, Absentee. We'll use it to present tracks new and old, raw demos, remixes, etc. We kick it off with 13 unreleased tracks, all directly related back to the roster. There's new tracks from Mall Security (as well as his alter-ego of Kontyx mentioned above), an ambient piece from Lunar Testing Lab and an infectious track from 21 Jumpsuit. Warren Kroll (Dorosoto, Forrest) presents some early pieces, from way back. There's also a pair from Boozhownd Doggonit, along with the instant classic Kontyx remix of the Boozhownd (check it out, you'll see why). We also have a couple friends returning from our "Birth Certificate" compilation; Audience Of One and Baloo. Then there's a few artists shrouded in mystery amidst the songs. We'll leave you to figure out who they might be. We've collected an album's worth of unreleased content to start. The section with continue to grow, presenting more free content as time goes on. We'll keep you updated whenever there's future additions.

Dorosoto's "Hypnotic Gyre" has sold out and is now out of print. This was our first release and we're thrilled to have shipped them all. For anyone scrounging for some final copies, there's a few still left at Infraction (US) and U-Cover (Europe). Here at I, Absentee, in it's place, we have an altogether different piece from Dorosoto. For a limited time, we're stocking is the ear-shattering Power Pill Fist / Dorosoto collaboration, White Noise Fury. It's limited to just 100 copies. Get one while it's here!

The first ever Forrest remix has been completed, for the one and only Milieu. The remix falls alongside a great line-up, including acts such as Ten And Tracer, Mrs Jynx and more. The remix disc, "Suntanned Melodies", is only available with the first 25(!) pre-orders of Milieu's long-awaited Colortone album, which itself is limited to only 100 copies.

If all the above wasn't enough free content for you, head over to the Actual Archives page. They're operated nearby us and their newest round of 2-track download singles features music from our own D.D. NewMole and Talons'. D.D. NewMole offers up two brand new tracks, with Auto Know / Social Polish. Talons' takes a sharp turn from past sounds, providing a hint toward the direction of his eventual I, Absentee album (later in 2009), with iBrows & Smiles. Both are free of charge and there's plenty more free content at Actual Archives, so check it out.

We'll be back shortly with our next full-length I, Absentee release, the debut album of Hvoya.

© I, Absentee