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21 Jumpsuit To Open For Nightmares On Wax! Dec. 11, 2008

To celebrate the release of our newest album, I Heard You Were Away, I, Absentee is pleased to present 21 Jumpsuit live in Cleveland, Ohio, as special guest opener for the one and only Nightmares On Wax! These are the first ever Nightmares shows in the USA! For the Cleveland stop only, I, Absentee will be in tow at the Grog Shop. Come down if you're anywhere in the surrounding area. Much of the roster should be in town that night, hanging out for the evening. It's going to be a memorable night!

Nightmares On Wax - LIVE (first ever US shows)
I, Absentee presents special guest: 21 Jumpsuit
Grog Shop - Cleveland, Ohio - 8PM
$10 ADV / $12 DOS

More details to come!

21 Jumpsuit - Out Now Dec. 08, 2008

Since our beginning as I, Absentee, there's been 21 Jumpsuit. One of the original artists the label was built around, 21 Jumpsuit (Carl States) began music in the late 1990s. His earliest recordings were alongside Dorosoto, which became the Alpha Aesar album. From there, he moved on to create an album's worth of electronica as Speed Control Head. After years of work in these projects, his musical sights focused toward live instrumentation, yet still maintained a heavy mixture of electronics woven throughout. The material became known as 21 Jumpsuit, with which he challenged himself to compose some of his most complex pieces ever. Writing every note and honing every sound, he sometimes spent months on a single track. The end results became the new album, "I Heard You Were Away". The songs carry a large post-rock influence, yet still feature his signature electronics doused over the entire album. This particular material became one of the driving forces behind our creation, so we hope you'll take a deeper look. It's a fitting close to our first year and we sincerely hope you enjoy it. Consider it by us a quintessential release. Hit the catalog page for clips.

Our debut release, Dorosoto's highly acclaimed Hypnotic Gyre, is nearly gone. There will be no further represses. We're down to our last few before the EP goes out of print. On a similar note, Lunar Testing Lab's "Space Debris", the companion disc to last month's Space Program album, just sold out and is no longer available from us. However, the disc is still readily available directly from Lunar Testing Lab, at just the cost of shipping. So we encorage you to pick it up from him while he still has it. Thanks to everyone who's picked up both these releases and made them such successes!

This month will see the last of our label-commissioned reviews. As of 2009, we will begin to steer away into new territories. We will no longer be sending our releases to any traditional outlets for write-ups. It's possible we'll have special guests give reviews from time to time, here at the site. However, we wish to generally keep our music in the hands of artists, friends and fans only from here forward. Thanks to all who reviewed us in the past!

As a glimpse toward 2009, we have two new additions to our roster! Both of them are different directions from our past sounds so we hope you can take the leap; Talons' and Hvoya. Talons' is the indie-rock outfit of our own Moustache Mountain. Hvoya is our first female to join the roster, as well as the first international act. We will soon be launching a 3" series as well, featuring Mall Security, Mrs. Jynx (Planet Mu), D.D. NewMole, Koen Park (Experimedia, October Man) and Phasen (U-Cover). More info on that soon.

As we close our first year, I would like to thank everyone who has helped and taken an interest in what we're doing. As a thanks back, we are currently preparing a LOT of free material for everyone soon. 2009 will be more sinister in every way. Until then, enjoy the Jumpsuit!

21 Jumpsuit - I Heard You Were Away IA010

1. Snook
2. LHoomis
3. Christine C.
4. Wetwind
5. WHY
6. hangar
7. Untitled
8. wreckage
9. Phone Line
10. Level 5
11. The Beeplive
12. seeds hoe
13. the business shifter
14. I Heard You Were Away
I Heard You Were Away - Cover

Power Pill Fist Vs. Dorosoto - Order Now Nov. 12, 2008

The one and only Power Pill Fist recently collaborated with our own Dorosoto, for a new installment in PPF's "Vs" 3" series (past participants: Black Moth Super Rainbow, Bony Legs). The collaboration is fresh up for pre-order, with a release date of December 2nd. These tracks are definitely a drastic, sinister turn from Dorosoto's previous works and even go beyond Power Pill's previous assaults. Head to the PPF site now and check out a clip of the brutality of "White Noise Fury" (warning: stand at least 450 feet from speakers).

It's limited to just 100 copies. These always sell out, so order it now!

1. seeeyebegreen
2. Bathtub Crustaceans
3. Pauliesphere
4. Moog Mountain
5. Depths Of A Giant Sloar
6. Fecal Five
7. Metal Mustard Mayhem

White Noise Fury - Cover

Lunar Testing Lab Debut Album - Out Now Oct. 31, 2008

There's nothing else out there quite like Lunar Testing Lab. Located somewhere in the great, mysterious state of Pennsylvania, LTL creates downtempo beats and space rhythms not quite like anything else happening. LTL's first sighting was on Black Moth Super Rainbow's online remix series. He then resuraced for an exclusive track on our Birth Certificate compilation. Most recently, he completed a remix for Milieu, for his ongoing "Dustybox Tracks" series. He officially arrives here on I, Absentee with his debut full-length, "Space Program".

With a vinyl collection spanning into the thousands, LTLs sounds are greaty influenced by obscure jazz, lounge and other hidden offerings from discount vinyl dustbins and thrift stores . These influences are equally matched by his fascination for outer space. These combined influences helped produce an album truly sprawling and unique. Each song off "Space Program" is end-capped by ambient interludes, featuring shortwave radio espionage transmissions, vinyl snippets from his massive archives and altogether very unusual themes throughout. Some melodies resurface in alien forms, other patterns reemerge as the album progresses into an overall otherworldly, atmospheric crescendo. The final stretch features guests in the form of Dorosoto, Milieu and The Red Falcon Projects, each offering up brand new remixes.

LTL also very recently self-released the sister disc to this release, entitled "Space Debris". For a very limited time, ALL copies of "Space Program" will currently ship from us with "Space Debris" included free (we don't have a lot left, so be sure to order soon). It adds up to over 50 tracks between the two discs! Be sure to check out the catalog page for a free download of '"Mock Orange", as well as numerous fine clips.

We have but one more proper release left for 2008, which happens to be our longest in the works. 21 Jumpsuit finally unleashes his album, which has been under preparations since we began (and quite a bit prior, actually). We will also be starting up a 3" series soon, with some friends and artists we like taking on various members of our roster. More on that soon.

Lastly, our own Dorosoto recently recorded a session alongside Black Moth Super Rainbow bassist Power Pill Fist, for his "Vs." 3" series. Look for it soon from Power Pill. We might(?) have a few available for sale here at the site as well. Keep an eye out for it.

Lunar Testing Lab - Space Program IA011

1. Lunokhod
2. Majic Melter
3. S-Band
4. Star City
5. Oceax
6. Moon Zero-Two
7. Beam Waveguide
8. Mock Orange
9. Apolune
10. Nutone
11. Geodesy
12. Disastro
13. Orbiting Lunar Observatory
14. Lunik III
15. Re-Entry
16. Astro-B
17. Glacia
18. Magnitogorsk
19. Tier 3 DarkStar
20. Wavemagnet
21. Spacetop
22. Phantom Cosmonaut
23. Aerospike
24. Lunik III (Mare Ingenii Remix) By Dorosoto
25. Inverse Square
26. Majik Melter (Melt Up Mmx) By Milieu
27. ELV
28. Astro-B (Galactic Spectra Remix) By The Red Falcon Projects
29. Apselene
Space Program - Cover

D.D. NewMole Oct. 01, 2008

Last month, we had mentioned kicking off an impressive string of releases for the final stretch of 2008. That continues with the release of D.D. NewMole's debut album, "The Earth Trembled". D.D. is Dan Petrarca of Akron/Fulton, Ohio. While this is Dan's first official release, he's far from a newcomer. Recording tracks for nearly 14 years and regularly playing live, he stands as one of the most accomplished musicians on the label. D.D. first appeared on our "Birth Certificate" compilation, with the off kilter track "Anniverse". After hearing more of his sounds, we invited him to the roster soon thereafter. Dan began in the 1990s, teaching himself how to use various hardware sequencers, samplers and synths, before eventually taking on computers. After years of recording and programming entirely self-taught in the world of jungle/drum'n'bass, he went to a recording workshop and learned "the correct ways" to record, long after the fact... He took on a circuit bending apprenticeship with Mr. Reed Ghazala (the creator of circuit bending). "D.D. NewMole" became the primary persona for his sounds, mixing acoustic and electronic instruments into a fresh sound that defies any specific genre. "The Earth Trembled" chronicles through the past eight years(!) of D.D.'s library, all the way up to material just completed right before we pressed the album. These tracks have been some of our favorite spins for awhile now. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we have. Head to the catalog page for lots of audio.

"It side steps the regular, dance floor oriented and adds sounds to the genre which I think are pretty extraordinary." - Vital Weekly

D.D. NewMole - The Earth Trembled IA009

1. D.D.'s Coming
2. Misty Eyes Crystalize
3. Don't Go Away
4. Me Oh Me Stylez
5. Trizoux
6. You're My Cure
7. Lamp Post Glow
8. Tendracopia
9. Bass Nagual
10. Composite F
11. Field Day
12. Rare White Albino
13. The Earth Trembled
14. Weak Wind
The Earth Trembled - Cover

Lunar Testing Lab - Free Album With All Orders Sept. 10, 2008

"Space Debris" is the brand new, self-released CDr from Lunar Testing Lab, out now and being included free of charge with all orders from us. "Space Debris" runs 22 tracks long and essentially amounts to an entire bonus album worth of material from Lunar Testing Lab. This CD is the companion piece to his forthcoming album for us, entitled "Space Program". The CD features many exclusive outtakes, shortwave recordings and alternate versions of works from his forthcoming album. This bonus album will be included with all orders indefinitely, so pick one up along with anything from our catalog. Lunar Testing Lab is even offering copies directly if you contact him on his myspace. One way or the other, we encourage you to check it out.

Space Debris - Cover

Alpha Aesar - Out Now Sept. 05, 2008

The Alpha Aesar album is now in stock and shipping. This self-titled collection contains 20 tracks and runs over 70 minutes in length. The album features every track ever recorded by the duo (Dorosoto + 21 Jumpsuit), 14 in all. These tracks are supplemented with 6 new remixes, each a very unique take on AA. Dorosoto returns to his AA output, bringing a fresh, ambient wash over "Puppy", while Mall Security brings his signature sound to "Glimpse Of Fashion". The two team up as The Red Falcon Projects, for a fantastic remix of "Milk And Honey". Coppice Halifax, alter-ego of Milieu, delivers a vast, droned-out take on "Synthetic Sun", while Lowfish gives a very different take on the same track. The remix is signature Lowfish and sure to please his fans, while still holding true to the original compostion. Rounding out the remixes is the other half of Alpha Aesar, 21 Jumpsuit. He returns with a drastic reinterpretation of "#674", taking the piece into a darker, gritty direction. The remix is streaming now on his freshly revamped myspace page. Check out several tracks from his upcoming I, Absentee full-length while you're there (including "WHY", a song composed entirely via a gameboy).

All copies of the album come packaged on white digipak. It's taken nearly a decade for Alpha Aesar to have it's day in the sun, but that day has finally come. We hope you enjoy this collection, we've spent quite a long time assembling this particular release. Head to the catalog page for full artwork, plenty of clips and a free, high-quality download of "Synthetic Sun".

Alpha Aesar - Alpha Aesar IA008

1. White Shirts
2. Synthetic Sun
3. #674
4. Shallow Colors
5. Kitten With A Gold Watch
6. Milk And Honey
7. Puppy
8. Running Through A Stream
9. Red Eyed Love
10. Genie
11. Spinning Wheel
12. Sharp Cut
13. Glimpse Of Fashion
14. Tension Modulator
15. Puppy (Reprise) By Dorosoto
16. Glimpse Of Fashion (Magnum Hat On The Runway Remix) By Mall Security
17. Synthetic Sun (Nuclear Winter Remix) By Lowfish
18. #674 (Ninja Suit Remix) By 21 Jumpsuit
19. Synthetic Sun (Sun Dub Edit) By Coppice Halifax
20. Milk And Honey (Binary Nectar Remix) By The Red Falcon Projects
Alpha Aesar - Cover

Moustache Mountain / Forrest - Now On U-Cover W/Ontayso Aug. 30, 2008

Our recent, well-received Moustache Mountain / Forrest split has just been released in Europe, via U-Cover. We had released this as an extremely limited 2x3", hand-made by the artists a few months ago. As you might recall, we mentioned we'd likely revisit this release, to take it beyond such micro quantities. The release has now been combined as a 5" album, with a brand new, third chapter by Ontayso! 25 copies wasn't nearly enough of what we wanted to do of this, so we're happy to have our friends at U-Cover presenting this material to new audiences. We will not be doing any further editions of this release ourselves. We feel each edition has their own special qualities to them, and hope you'll find something to enjoy with either. Be sure to pick up a copy of "Anyteazers / Swepstone Songs / Dune" if you've never grabbed one yet.

Also, our very own Lunar Testing Lab just completed a remix for the always excellent Milieu, available now on 3". Visit the Milieu Shop to pick up a copy of "Dustybox Tracks 4" directly from Milieu. LTL continues to gain momentum as he approaches his upcoming "Space Program" album this autumn.

Live Show / The History Of Alpha Aesar Aug. 22, 2008

As you probably noticed on our main page, on September 5th in Akron, OH, we are having our first, and quite possibly only, I, Absentee show. The date is headlined by Power Pill Fist, bassist of Black Moth Super Rainbow. He's really fun to watch live, using Ataris and old pieces of gear you'll have hazy memories of spotting in your grandparent's den as a child. Also performing will be our own The Red Falcon Projects, featuring Dorosoto and Mall Security pounding out the goodness in futuristic style, with wigs and headbands (yes, really). Those two acts (PPF and RFP) will also be jumping to Niles, MI the following night for one more show at Manifesto! These are among the last scheduled dates for both acts at this time, so we encourage you not to miss them if you're anywhere in the vicinity.

For our Akron show only, we have two very special guests joining the bill. The first is Speed Control Head (aka 21 Jumpsuit). This is his first solo show, and it's going to be memorable. No stranger to playing live (he's a regular live drummer), he's aiming to make the solo gig something special for those who attend. Also aboard is one of our newest signings and next releases, D.D. NewMole. You're probably not really familiar with the name yet, but you will be soon. His upcoming album for us, "The Earth Trembled", is as good as anything we've released so far. Our own roster is anxiously awaiting copies to snag. He's very fun to see in a live setting as well. We tentatively aim to have Lunar Testing Lab's new CDr, "Space Debris", at the show. This is his self-released companion piece to his forthcoming I, Absentee album, "Space Program". The show will also finally mark the release date of our new album, the long-awaited "Alpha Aesar", aka Warren Kroll (Dorosoto) and Carl States (21 Jumpsuit). This is a very special release for us, with both members in attendance and performing. We will also have all of our existing releases at the show. It's going to be fun night. Nearly the entire roster will be there, as well as lots of musician friends. We've specifically picked a venue that allowed us to make it free, which is Annabell's at 10PM. Come for the music, stay for the upheaval! See you there!

As stated above, we will be releasing the Alpha Aesar album Sept. 5 at the show and online. Both members will be celebrating with performances in their post-AA projects. Alpha Aesar began, in many ways, as the first serious attempts at music composition for Dorosoto and 21 Jumpsuit. The project started in the late 1990s, in the city of Canton, Ohio (recently voted #1 collapsing city in the US by Forbes Magazine - #1, take that Flint, Michigan!). The music was a nostalgic look at their surroundings and their influences in electronic music. One of their fondest influences of the mid/late 90s was then-fledging Suction Records of Toronto, Canada. After years of recording tracks together, the music began circulating among friends and musicians. The duo sent demo versions of the material to Suction, who expressed an appreciation of the demo songs. A release was never established, however. Each musician was starting to venture into their own projects; Warren Kroll with Dorosoto and later Forrest, Carl States with Speed Control Head and later 21 Jumpsuit. Alpha Aesar came to an unofficial end sometime around 2002.

The music, however, continued on with a life of it's own. As both continued in their solo works, new musician friends would be passed the old Alpha Aesar songs, and the project continued to expand it's fanbase. In 2008, the better part of a decade after the original songs were recorded, work began on a release through I, Absentee. Dorosoto headed up the project, recollecting every track ever recorded by Alpha Aesar. The songs were all pulled from old cassette deck masters. Alongside Red Falcon Projects teammate Steve Lutes (Mall Security), the two cleaned up these old recordings from cassette and compiled them into a new retrospective. The recordings were then properly remastered by Jeff Mohler at RCPTCL Recordings earlier this year. For the new retrospective, the duo decided to commision new remixes - many from friends who heard the unreleased songs over the past decade and became fans. Among the new remixers is Suction's own Lowfish, bringing the project full circle from it's early days as a demo. Also on board is friend and fan Coppice Halifax (aka Milieu), with his "Sun Dub" remix, already released as a 3" precursor to this album via the Milieu Shop (now out of stock). Original members Dorosoto and 21 Jumpsuit also return with brand new remixes, as does Mall Security (both individually, as well as with Dorosoto, for an incredible Red Falcon standout take on "Milk And Honey").

A long, strange life Alpha Aesar has taken. This is our second digipak release, following our Birth Certificate compilation (all copies of AA are on white digipak). This is some of our most popular stuff among those who've heard it. Despite it's aged style, it remains a real crowd pleaser and a fun look back to the beginnings of two of our roster's finest. So we hope you'll check it out. It's nearly a decade in the making...

Alpha Aesar - Cover

Michael Stoltz Aug. 05, 2008

August brings the debut of Michael Stoltz. "Blizzard Machine" - a mini-album of sorts - is a 9-track collection of dark, synth-stained epics, low-fi hiss and dingy guitar. Those qualities are his strengths here, and at the age of only 17 years old, Michael is showing more potential than many peers a decade his senior. The songs feel like the soundtrack to a lightstorm in Orion. "Blizzard Machine" is by far our darkest, most raw material to date. Songs such as "Our Hero Has Failed Us" and "Johnny And Susie" set the tone for the the climactic juggernaut of a title track. I highly recommend you give the sound clips a listen to hear some of these songs, as there's some truly incredible moments to be discovered in this disc. We also offer a free high quality download of "The Pulch"; by far the most uptempo piece on the disc. It showcases some of his gaming influences, and gives a glimpse into his newest sounds currently in the works. The majority of the material here, however, is very dark, moody music to play under the stars.

We've put this release up at a reduced price. As you may have also noticed, we've reduced prices on nearly all of our older releases. We are slowly getting on our feet as a label, inch by inch. As we do, I'll continue to make prices as low as I can for everything. We have no business backing us here, we just finance these things out of our own pockets. I'm always looking to make everything as cheap as I can at any given time, so thank you for helping us make that happen. I'll continue to keep our prices under a close eye, to see if I can adjust them any further in the future. For now, I hope if there's any release you've considered from our catalog, you'll maybe take another look. To anyone who's bought 3 or more releases off us, write me, if you want to pick something up and I'll shave a few bucks off the price to you. I want to give back to all who've paid the past prices too.

Once again, I thank you all and hope you'll stay tuned, as we have probably our most incredible string of releases to date coming up (all at our reduced prices from here forward). Coming up next is Alpha Aesar (check that stuff out if you haven't yet, everyone seems to really love it). We have our first ever live show coming up September 5th in Akron, OH, featuring nearly the entire roster either performing or in attendance, with our buddy Power Pill Fist of Black Moth Super Rainbow headlining. We'll have more on that very shortly. For now, take a few moments to explore the music of Michael Stoltz.

Michael Stoltz - Blizzard Machine IA007

1. Our Hero Has Failed Us
2. The Pulch
3. Deep Space Energy Generators
4. Starfield
5. Johnny And Susie
6. The Heart
7. Blizzard Machine
8. Untitled
9. Quadralateral

Blizzard Machine - Cover

Red Falcon EP Jul. 14, 2008

Hiatus be gone, we're back for part two of 2008...

Everyone's favorite furutistic MegaMen, The Red Falcon Projects, recently completed a run of shows with our friend Power Pill Fist. They made up a CDr for the shows and happen to have a few left, which they're now offering online. "Tour EP" is the first official disc from the duo and was recorded live to minidisc. The idea behind the recordings was to capture the exact set they played for few shows - so I'm sure much of this material will remain unique to this release, if not altogether exclusive. It features 5 tracks and runs approx. 30 mins in length. They're only asking $7 shipped for it ($8 worldwide) , so be sure to grab one. Limited to 30 copies, indivudually numbered by the RFP. This isn't an I, Absentee release, rather a special limited disc straight from the artists. So if you'd like one, just write them on myspace. They'll tell you where to mail a check, send paypal payment or however you want to pay. If you're not on myspace, just write here to get your copy.

Tour EP - Cover

The second part of 2008 looks something like this for I, Absentee:
The complete Alpha Aesar retropsective (w/new remixes from 21 Jumpsuit, Lowfish, Red Falcon Projects, Dorosoto, Mall Security and Coppice Halifax)
Lunar Testing Lab's debut full-length (which seems to be gaining a crowd)
D.D. NewMole's debut album (this one's a killer)
And maybe, just maybe, the near mythical 21 Jumpsuit album... We'll see.

We've slowly built into having a small crowd around here, which is no easy task. As my thanks, I'm going to try to drop prices on future releases. My goal is always to keep everything as cheap as I can, and the more we grow, the lower I can continue to make things. So I'll be trimming a couple bucks off from new releases, and we hope you enjoy round two.

We'll see you in a couple weeks with our next release.

Summer Updates Jun. 30, 2008

We will not be shipping from July 4 - July 14th. You may still place orders during this time, but shipment won't resume until the 14th. We will not have a July release out. Our Forrest/Moustache Mountain split was it. We've sold about 2/3 of our stock already, but we've still got a few left here. So grab one soon if you haven't yet. Any orders placed over the next few days will still ship out immediately.

We will resume in August with the debut EP of Michael Stolz, which stands as our darkest material to date. We will then cap off the summer with an album 10 years in the making, known as Alpha Aesar (Dorosoto and 21 Jumpsuit - circa late 1990s). It will feature new remixes from the one and only Lowfish and the previously announced Coppice Halifax, as well as The Red Falcon Projects, Mall Security, 21 Jumpsuit and Dorosoto It's sizing up to be a pretty amazing collection...

Lastly, we encourage you to check out a new podcast from our buddy Neon Tetra. CloudCast features mixes from many of his arists friends, providing current favorites, old infuences and other suprises. They've been good listens thus far, and you may see some I, Absentee artists taking their stab in the coming months. So go check it out.

We hope you've enjoyed our first 6 months as a label, and we'll see you after the break...

The Red Falcon Projects / Power Pill Fist Live Jun. 26, 2008

Our very own The Red Falcon Projects will be doing a small string of shows with none other than Power Pill Fist next week! They should be some fun gigs, and we highly encourage you to check them out if you can make it to any of the shows. The Falcon guys will have an exclusive CDr available at the shows, so don't miss it!

July 03 - The Red & The Black - Washington, DC
July 04 - Mojo 13 - Wilmington, DE
July 05 - Brillobox - Pittsburgh, PA (w/The Coast)

Then in September, BOTH acts will be swinging through Akron, OH and Niles, MI for an encore pair of shows. The Akron gig will be a special I, Absentee show, with guest performer Speed Control Head. This is our first label show (and perhaps our only one). The show will be free to all, with one of a kind performances. If you're anywhere in the Ohio area in September 5, we encourage you to come see the debris and spectacle. More on those shows later.

In the meantime, check out this live clip of The Red Falcon Projects performing "The Snowfields" from our "Birth Certificate" comp:

Moustache Mountain / Forrest Jun. 16, 2008

Now available is one of the most limited releases we've ever done. It's limited for the sole reason of it's elaborate packaging. "Anyteazers / Swepstone Songs" is a new 2x3" double EP split from Moustache Mountain and Forrest. Moustache Mountain is a name you may not be familiar with yet, but we're sure you'll quickly become a fan. Any of you familiar with Forrest / Dorosoto are sure to enjoy his stuff. The man behind the mustache is Mike Tolan - formerly of Akron, OH. Mike is a very accomplished guitarrist, playing in The Six Parts Seven (Suicide Squeeze) and forming his very own indie-rock outfit, Talons'. Talons' has a new album on vinyl(!), which was self-released and most definitely working picking up. The packaging on his vinyl is again hand-made, and a very cool addition to your collection. Moustache Mountain is Mike's solo ambient / experimental output, and a perfect companion to the works of Forrest. We are pleased to introduce you properly to the sounds of Moustache Mtn. with his "Anyteazers" EP. The 3" is kicked off with the wonderfully titled "My Life Is A Boring CSI", followed by a 4-part epic entitled "Infiniteazer".

Disc 2 is the highly awaited new recordings from Forrest, and his first material under the alias for I, Absentee. Forrest had an amazing year in 2007, with a pair of releases for Belgian label U-Cover. Be sure to grab those, if you haven't yet. I don't think many are left. For his 2008 return, he presents freshly recorded material very much in the spirit of previous releases, yet still forging strange new paths. "Swepstone Songs" definitely won't disappoint Forrest fans.

Moustache Mountain hand-designed and cut every sleeve for his 3". He's quite a talent in this department and has a unique artistic approach to his sleeves. Forrest also designed his own art, and his much more in the spirit of his style of art for his original self-released version of Summer Sounds Asleep. The discs themselves are all individually numbered as well - actually printed into the artwork (which required 50 separate print templates to accomplish). Both 3"s are packaged in a box, with an outer label. Each box is hand-stamped with the catalog number, as well as the individual copy number (matching the discs housed within). As we said, it's rather elaborate...

This release has been in the works for about a year, actually pre-dating the label. Due to the nature of the packaging, we will be shipping all orders priority. The extra cost is on us, and in no way factored into the price to you.

We will ship these until they're gone. We hope to eventually do a reissue, most likely on standard 5", with both releases on a single disc together. There's no time frame for if / when we'll do that, however. These boxes are the original, preferred concept for the release, and most definitely the one we suggest you pick up. They won't last long, so grab it now.

Lastly, we've done this release a bit early, in anticipation of a brief July hiatus. Our mailing services will be shutting down for a couple weeks, while some shows are done (more on that shortly), traveling and general rest. So another reason to order these quickly...

Moustache Mountain / Forrest - Anyteazers / Swepstone Songs IA006

1. Moustache Mountain - My Life Is A Boring CSI
2. Moustache Mountain - Infiniteazer

1. Forrest - Quilted Pillows
2. Forrest - The Basement Light
3. Forrest - Figures (Fall Of The Good Leader)

Anyteazers / Swepstone Songs - Cover

Boozhownd Doggonit Jun. 02, 2008

June is "National Boozhownd Month", and we're celebrating with our new release. We proudly present the self-titled debut album from Boozhownd Doggonit, aka Tom Drury. When he's not in the wilderness hunting for Sasquatch, Boozhownd makes hip-hip beats inspired a'la craque. It's perpaps only similar to the oddest musical moments of Anti-Pop Consortium - only if you were on masssive amounts of crack-cocaine and playing it in reverse. Add to that an experimental x-factor we can only call "Boozhownd", and you'll start to grasp the picture. We defy you to figure out how most of this stuff was composed. You'll be left bruised and broken, and scratching your head.

This is by far our most experimental material we've released, and a radical departure from previous releases. We warn you it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. Some love it, others are baffled by it. All are victims of it. Certain elements are tongue-in-cheeck, meant to make you laugh (yes, not all electronic has to be life and death serious). Other parts lock into sick beats, only to switch into a total lobotomy, just when you've begun to nod your head. Some parts even drift into serious ambient compositions, on a disc you'd never expect to hear it from. You've most definitely never heard anything close to this. Maybe that's why we like it so much... Listen to the sound clips and decide for yourself. Your ghettoblaster deluxxe was born for this one! Truly original stuff here. Boozhownd leaves a scar. (Personally I think the artwork alone merits an automatic purchase...)

Here's a couple thoughts from some of our roster on the Boozhownd:
"This album reeks of big cocaine laced blunts and garbage meatloaf... the audible equivalent of riding in a diamond coated Cadillac with a leaking nitrous tank." - Dorosoto

"Music made for a pimpin' good time. Like the combination of a trout and a mackerel, Tom has managed to cross two worlds of sound that are both edgy and sporadic. He spends a fair amont of time enjoying the great outdoors and it comes out in the songs." - 21 Jumpsuit

"From the moment you begin playing this album it will forever change your life. Grape drink will taste much more purple, lung capacity will greatly increase and water will no longer satisfy your thirst the way a 40oz will." - Mall Security

Boozhownd Doggonit - Boozhownd Doggonit IA004

1. Cash + Cryps
2. Dirty Bitches
3. Floating Brain
4. Bleeding Gum Sores
5. Blast Past
6. I Like Picken Up Stuff
7. Boozhownd
8. Blades Are For Pimps
9. Cuppler Boobies
10. Undermind
11. Plomb De La Klum

Boozhownd Doggonit - Cover

Alpha Aesar Vs. Coppice Halifax May 18, 2008

We haven't mentioned a whole lot about Alpha Aesar yet, mostly because the release is still being put together. However, Coppice Halifax recently completed an epic 17 minute remix of Alpha Aesar - so epic in fact, we couldn't even fit it on our release! So he's completed an edit for us, which will be on Alpha Aesar's self-titled full-length, later this summer. In the meantime, you can exclusively purchase the full 17 minute remix from Coppice Halifax now on 3" CDr (which also includes his edit we'll be releasing). "Sun Dub" is limited to a mere 30 copies and serves as a fine precursor to the forthcoming Alpha Aesar album.

Click here to buy Sun Dub from Coppice Halifax. More details on Alpha Aesar forthcoming...

Certified May 05, 2008

From the start of the label, there was the idea of this compilation. Before we had a single release out, work began on this disc. Several months and releases later, we're pleased to finally have it available. "Birth Certificate" is a genre-crushing 70 minute exploration of rising artists, established acts, unknown entities, and many of our favorite musicians. Join us here and take a track by track walk through the disc, offering detailed insight behind each song.

(Okay, done reading all that?) I personally thank every single artist who took part in this massive project, all of whom came aboard before we were anything. Each and every one of them took the chance to support this new label getting on it's feet, and deserve your support in return. We wouldn't be here now without their efforts to help us.

This disc is the summation of everything we are doing and a glimpse into sounds coming from us over the seasons ahead. This is a group of signed and unsigned, known and unknown, veterans and rookies, all side by side. This is the time stamp of chapter one; our birth certificate. There will be more chapters, and this will never be your typical record label.

Birth Certificate - Cover

Go here to listen to clips and buy "Birth Certificate".

Dorosoto Now Available Through U-Cover Apr. 29, 2008

For all of our European fans, Dorosoto's "Hypnotic Gyre" EP is now available through the fine folks at U-Cover. Be sure to pick it up, we keep nearly running out! (Hand-made, so they take time for us to restock...)

Birth Certificate - Release Date Apr. 26, 2008

The "Birth Certificate" compilation will be released on May 5. It's limited to 250 copies; 125 on white digipak, 125 on black digipak. If it sells out, we might consider one more pressing - no more beyond that though. For now, we're leaving it 250. We'll see you all May 5th.

Birth Certificate Compilation - Tracklist And Art Apr. 13, 2008

We are nearing the release of our debut compilation. "Birth Certificate" is seventeen(!) tracks, clocking in at over 70 mins, with ALL exclusive material. It features nearly every artist on the label in one form or another (many of them debuting here), as well as several amazing guests / friends of ours, all delivering up brand new material.

As with all our releases, the disc will be limited edition (likely 250 copies). It will be packaged in a full digipak. Look for it in May, with a couple songs surfacing in our myspace player in the coming weeks. We'll have a MUCH bigger post about all this upon the disc's release. Tracklist and art below:

Birth Certificate - Cover

1. 21 Jumpsuit - Who Lives Next Door
2. Neon Tetra - Drowning
3. Slap [Unmodified] - Harm Reduction
4. The Red Falcon Projects - The Snowfields
5. D.D. NewMole - Anniverse
6. Goudron - Sentimental Burnout Xpress
7. Mothercrotch - Colt 47
8. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Lost, Picking Flowers In The Woods (Fungi Picking Gnome Mix By Dorosoto)
9. Milieu - Autumn Fog Lifts (Yearbook Version)
10. Ambidextrous - Mare Serenitatis
11. Power Pill Fist - Dual Drool
12. Boozhownd Doggonit - Toads And Warts
13. Lunar Testing Lab - Luna 2
14. Tobacco - On A Puffy Black Day
15. Baloo - Wanna Be Muscley
16. Mall Security - Playing Pretend
17. Audience Of One - Easthampton

Mall Security Apr. 07, 2008

Our brand new album release is out now: Mall Security's "Things I Thought Of And Made". Mall Security is Steve Lutes of South Bend, Indiana. Steve is a a very prolific musician, also recording as Kontyx, and recently joining forces with Dorosoto to form The Red Falcon Projects. Steve's solo output as Mall Security is complex digital programming over melodies ranging from downtempto IDM to songs approaching full-blown synth-pop.

Check out the catalog page for a free download of the first track, "Cru", in 320kbps, as well as additional clips. There's much more in the works from Mall Security, including an appearance on our very next release. He'll be a part of our first compilation, "Birth Certificate", with a non-album track titled "Playing Pretend". And if that wasn't enough, you can head over to kontyx.com for more free MP3s and some videos.

With "Things I Thought Of And Made", we begin a transition away from hand-made packaging (as much as we're fans of it), into professional printing. The artwork here is our first to be printed professionally on gloss inserts. We'll still be doing the odd hand-made art here and there (including a Moustache Mountain / Forrest limited box!), but most of our future output will be printed professionally from this point forward. All discs continue to be pressed on high quality CDr with full printed art.

Mall Security - Things I Thought Of And Made IA003

1. Cru
2. Overlapping Pixelated Hearts
3. Ci Phortix
4. Reverror
5. The Right Time
6. We Or Us
7. Nightlife At The Disco
8. My First Winger Solo
9. This Way Girl
10. Dancefloor
11. Happy On Less

Things I Thought Of And Made - Cover

New Baloo Album - Free! Mar. 29, 2008

Our friend Baloo, who will be appearing on our forthcoming "Birth Certificate" compilation, just self-released his new album, for free! "Giraffula" is a 16 track, genre-crossing odyssey of oddity. We highly recommend you give it a listen. Baloo's blog post here, download "Giraffula" here. And be sure to tell others about it if you like it!

Speed Control Head Mar. 11, 2008

We are pleased to announce our debut full-length and second release: Speed Control Head. Speed Control Head is Carl States. Carl began in the late 90s as one half of Alpha Aesar, along with Warren Kroll (Dorosoto). In 2007, under his Orlando Copping alias, he appeared on U-Cover, remixing Forrest on his "Summer Sounds Asleep" album. After the Alpha Aesar project dissolved, Carl moved on to work in drum 'n' bass and electronica, producing this self-titled debut full-length.

Carl is next at work preparing material under his new 21 Jumpsuit project. Look for him to appear under the 21 Jumpsuit guise on our upcoming "Birth Certificate" compilation, with a stunning full-length to follow later in 2008. Be sure to head over to the catalog page for fresh sound clips from Speed Control Head.

Speed Control Head - Speed Control Head IA002

1. Pool Table Felt
2. The Dish
3. Kill The Barber
4. Don't Give A Damn
5. Sheephead
6. Z-Bar
7. Nervous Breakdown
8. Syrian Street Dogs
9. Fanny Pact
10. Sir,
11. Humminbird
12. Dream

Speed Control Head - Cover

Forrest / Dorosoto Happenings Mar. 07, 2008

Our debut release, Dorosoto's "Hypnotic Gyre", as well Mr. Soto's "Forrest" alias, are both featured in the current playlists of a fine station found here:

They play lots and lots of music you should give a listen to. Be sure to tune in to their "Sunday Drift" program to hear the hypnotics.

In other Forrest news, we will be doing a deluxe split release, featuring newly completed material entitled "Swepstone Songs". Alongside Forrest for the split will be Mustache Mountain. Moustache Mountain is Mike Tolan, guitarrist extraordinairre of Talons, The Six Parts Seven, etc. Much more info on this in the coming weeks...

Dorosoto EP Feb. 04, 2008

Welcome to I, Absentee. We are an imprint presently focused on CDr releases in limited quantities. The website is still unfolding, so bear with us as some sections are still coming, and there may be kinks in a few spots still left to work out.

We are pleased to launch with our first release, the new EP from Dorosoto, "Hypnotic Gyre". Dorosoto is Warren Kroll, aka Forrest and formerly one half of Alpha Aesar. In 2007, under his Forrest alias, he released the "Summer Sounds Asleep" album on U-Cover, featuring remixes from Milieu, Orlando Copping and Ontayso. The year was capped off with his follow-up "Indiana Burn" EP. 2008 sees him kick things off with "Hypnotic Gyre", five new tracks sure to please fans of his recent Forrest works.

2008 has countless things in store already, including debut releases from Speed Control Head and 21 Jumpsuit, an Alpha Aesar retrospective collection and our debut compilation, "Birth Certificate", featuring exclusive tracks from Goudron, Power Pill Fist, Milieu, Slap [Unmodified], Mall Security, Lunar Testing Lab and more. Check back often and spread the text.

Dorosoto - Hypnotic Gyre IA001

1. Emerald Building...
2. Trybalake
3. Under The Knife
4. Memory Circle
5. Dioline

Hypnotic Gyre - Cover

© I, Absentee