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Ten And Tracer

Ten And Tracer

Ten And Tracer is Jonathan Canupp of Denver, Colorado. Jonathan initially surfaced around 2000 with digital releases at labels such as 8bitpeoples and Rope Swing Cities. He soon shifted into physical output, doing numerous vinyl and CD releases at U-Cover, Inc.us, Duotone and many more. His album "An Hour Brighter" brought waves of new Ten And Tracer fans and Jonathan went on to tour Europe. He capped off the decade with his "Tsotsitaal" album, marking a shift into more ambient terrain. After working with I, Absentee on a remix for our "Twilight Fires" series, it was discussed to resurrect some rare and unreleased Ten And Tracer material. The result was "April Kids," which includes the complete "Electric Avenue Chapter 7" release (a long deleted, limited Japanese 3"), as well as several previously unreleased and alternate tracks from the "An Hour Brighter"/"A Distant Monarch" era. In recent years, Ten And Tracer has continued working with esteemed labels, such as Nomadic Kids Republic, Rural Colors, Install and his own Care label.

April Kids (IA028)

The Twilight Fires: Volume Three (IA023) (remix)

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