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Talons' is an indie-rock outfit fronted by Mike Tolan (Moustache Mountain), with a revolving line-up of supporting musicians, including Sommer Tolan, Keith Freund (Trouble Books) and many others. Mike has played guitar for several years with acts such as The Six Parts Seven (Suicide Squeeze) and Trouble Books (Own Records). Talons' has played regularly across Midwestern US, as well as shows throughout Europe, self-releasing several recordings to wide acclaim and gathering an increasing fanbase along the way. The songs are a fragile and bleak, post-911 exploration of relationships, depression and collapsed cultures, with an acoustic-folk flavor, laced with field recordings and occasional spatters of electronics, all haunted by Tolan's distinct vocals. He has often been compared to acts such as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Iron And Wine and Hayden, amongst others. In 2009, Talons' "Songs For Babes" album was released via Own Records in Europe. Shortly after, the "Dubai" EP was delivered to I, Absentee for their debut release with the label. The album "Songs For Boats" was released on Positive Beat / Own, completing a trilogy, alongside "Songs For Babes" and "Dubai." A compilation of Talons' highlights, "Lost Time," was released by Power Shovel Audio in Japan.

Dubai (IA026)

Anyteazers / Swepstone Songs (IA006) (split with Forrest, recorded under Moustache Mountain solo alias)
24/7 Bermuda Triangle (IA013) (unreleased Talons' and Moustache Mountain tracks)

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