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Electric Mandala

Electric Mandala

Electric Mandala is Joseph Auer, born in Chicago, USA, schooled in York, England and Newport, Wales, and resident of Tokyo, Japan and London, England. Trained in vocal and piano, he was tottered from the age of five. His productions are heavily inspired by the Detroit techno scene, reminiscent of acts such as The Black Dog and B12. Auer has released music for a wide variety of notable labels, including Boltfish, U-Cover, October Man and Symbolic Interaction. He co-founded Rednetic Recordings with Mark Streatfield and continues to work with the label as an artist. After initially working with I, Absentee remixing Dorosoto, Auer presented his Electric Mandala project to the label. The music could be described as ambient electonica, while still maintaining characteristics of Auer's signature production style.

Infinite Dharma (IA043)

24/7 Bermuda Triangle (IA013) (remix as Joseph Auer)
Embryonic Audio Restoration (IA022) (remix as Joseph Auer)

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