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Autumn In A Cup - Back Autumn In A Cup - Cover
Autumn In A Cup - CD

Specta Ciera - Autumn In A Cup IA042

1. I'm Totally Not Looking At Her
2. There Is Sand In That
3. Swishy
4. That's A Pretty Good Reason
5. Cook It Again
6. Cat Time
7. Apollo 0
8. As Warm As It Can Get
9. Lsb Skip
10. That's What The Little Ones Tell Me
11. You Know Damn Well
12. Eat Cake
13. Apricot, You Smell Like Apricot
14. Both Windows Open
15. Aliens Got Voyager 1
16. What Teleporter Are You At
17. I'm Totally Not Looking At Her (Drexon Field Remix)

Produced by Devin Underwood
Track 17 remixed by Drexon Field

National Park Foundation is an organization chartered by US Congress, but without federal appropriations, as the only national charitable partner of America's National Parks. Their goals include:
1. Protecting fragile ecosystems and wildlife habitats through conservation programs
2. Securing tens of thousands of acres of parkland for new parks and existing parks
3. Supporting trail restoration across the USA
4. Founding the national Parks as Classrooms program and supporting other youth programs
5. Uniting public and private interests in support of our national parks

Released: March 28, 2010. Specta Ciera's (aka Devin Underwood, 1/2 of Drexon Field) debut for I, Absentee.

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United States - $10.00
Worldwide - $12.00

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