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Zeta Grey - Cover Zeta Grey - Inside
Zeta Grey - Tray 1 Zeta Grey - Tray 2
Zeta Grey - CD 1 Zeta Grey - CD 2

Magic Arrows - Zeta Grey IA041

Disc One
1. Mexico With Sally
2. Mechas
3. The Wise
4. Unconditional Love
5. Watch The Skies
6. Def Grey
7. Yavin
8. E.T.
9. Are We Still Alive
10. Red Shift

Disc Two
1. Blue Fairy
2. Europa
3. Ray Of Lights
4. Rouge Planet
5. Ballad Of Betty And Barney Hill
6. The Interrupted Journey
7. Here They Come
8. The Mothership
9. Alien Abduction

Magic Arrows is Scott Beschta
Franz Bucholtz and Jon Mueller - Keyboards on "Ray Of Lights"
Matthias Wiltzius - Guitar on "Unconditional Love"
Ralph and Jane Wiltzius - Narration on "Alien Abduction"

Mastered by Roger Time (timelessrecordings@gmail.com)

This album is inspired by the works of George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, John Williams, Spacesounds and Signaldrift

Contact: beschtas@aol.com

"So I asked him where was his home port and he said, "Where were you on the map?" I looked and laughed and said, "I don't know." So he said, "If you don't know where you are, then there isn't any point of my telling where I am from."

SETI@Home is a scientific unit whose goal is to detect intelligent life outside Earth. Their goals include:
1. To do useful scientific work by supporting an observational analysis to detect intelligent life outside Earth
2. To prove the viability and practicality of the "volunteer computing" concept.

Released: February 28, 2011. Epic two disc concept album from Magic Arrows, running over two hours in length.

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United States - $12.00
Worldwide - $16.00

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