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Our Blue Rainbow - Back Our Blue Rainbow - Cover
Our Blue Rainbow - Side A Our Blue Rainbow - Side B Our Blue Rainbow - Side C
Our Blue Rainbow - Side D Our Blue Rainbow - Side E Our Blue Rainbow - Side F
Our Blue Rainbow - CD 1 Our Blue Rainbow - CD 2

Milieu - Our Blue Rainbow IA033

Disc One: Our Blue Rainbow
1. Starview
2. My Friend The Dawn
3. Days Behind
4. Alvin Sparks
5. Tiffany Lane
6. Glasshill
7. Mellow U
8. Kieran Moth
9. Rainy Daylight
10. For Katie Asleep On The Bus
11. Auroral
12. Blue Rainbow

Disc Two: Bent Appletape
1. Kontour [Bedroom]
2. Papertape
3. Cartwheels
4. Applejack Beats
5. Fireleaf Freesky
6. Sleepy Route
7. Nite Lite
8. Sand Loop
9. Kontour [Dialer]
10. Land Drone
11. Riverbend
12. Powerliner
13. Wood Weed
14. Rolling M Loop
15. Pillbox Piano
16. Rainbow Topiary
17. Water Tower Track
18. Schoolbus Beats

Disc One:
All music W/P by Brian Grainger
Recorded at 1027PDS / 1712FHC / 114RKD, 2005-2006
Originally issued at Expanding Electronic Diversity as EEDCD002
Remastered from the original session tapes, Summer 2010

Disc Two:
All music W/P by Brian Grainger
Recorded at 114RKD, 2005-2006
All material previously unreleased
Retrieved from the Milieu Music archives, 2009

Mastered by The Analog Botanist
Design and layout by David Tagg - www.davidtagg.net
"Blue" written by Mike Dolan, 2006 / mike.j.dolan@gmail.com

Note: This release is sold out and out of print. Both may be purchased digitally via the Milieu bandcamp page, as separate releases; Our Blue Rainbow and Bent Appletape

Released: December 13, 2010. Remastered reissue of the 2006 Milieu album, featuring new artwork. Also includes a bonus album, Bent Appletape, featuring 18 previously unreleased tracks from the era, running over 60 minutes.

Physical format CDr (prices include shipping)

United States - $12.00
Worldwide - $19.00

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