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24/7 Bermuda Triangle - Cover

Dorosoto – Amber & Moss
Magic Arrows – Snowcat Symphony (CrO2 Mix By Alex Scheiwe)
SOW – The Kidnapping Of Anna Wildsmith (21 Jumpsuit Remix)
D.D. NewMole – Rare White Albino (Itabashi Remix By Koen Park)
D.D. NewMole – Rare White Albino (Funabashi Remix By Koen Park)
Alpha Aesar - Synthetic Sun (Coppice Halifax Sun Dub)
Lunar Testing Lab - Frequency Jammer
Boozhownd Doggonit - Hit By Lead
Boozhownd Doggonit - J.J. (Low Butt Right)
A King's Ransom - Traces
Specta Ciera - Can I Please Go To The Party
Magic Arrows - Clone
Dorosoto - In Planetary (Joseph Auer Remix 2)
Trills - Blood Orange
SOW - Victim
Talons' - Marfa (Demo)
Moustache Mountain - Icefisherman
Dharmatrain - High Five (Alternate Version)
Cartel - Slow Bling Babbling
Speed Control Head - AMENS
21 Jumpsuit - Glocksergion
Pool Of Brothers - Megatendo
Baby Buzz - Learn
Cartel - 1st
Cartel - NIE
21 Jumpsuit - Black Moth Super Rainbow Megamix
Boozhownd Doggonit - Breakfest With Boozhownd (Kontyx Remix)
Audience Of One - The Day Before
Mall Security - e.p.one

24/7 Bermuda Triangle was a revolving door at I, Absentee, presenting ongoing free audio. Some songs were added, some eventually vanished, some were ultimately released elsewhere. It was an outlet for us to present former projects, collaborations, extra tracks, etc. Some appear under prior or one-off aliases, but all have a direct relation back to I, Absentee. We explored the archives and presented our ongoing selections as IA013. Due to the nature of the concept, most files are unmastered and the older audio may contain surface noise in the original recordings.

Previous musical entries:
21 Jumpsuit - Sky
ABYSSE - Dystonia
Baloo - Fisherman Swimmer
Dorosoto - Mirrir
Halogen - Breaker Switch
Halogen - Solar Eclipse
Halogen - Tele-pacho
Halogen - V.C.T.
Lunar Testing Lab - Supercluster
Mall Security - Yes Kitten, It’s A Struggle
Plantains - Electric Renaissance
Trills - Joguko
wkinc - Davey's Been Burning
wkinc - Ghost Beat
wkinc - The Green Pool
wkinc - Is Nature Safe?
wkinc - Orange Rise
wkinc - Miss You
wkinc - Sunny Bubble

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