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Space Program - Cover 3

Space Program - Cover 2 Space Program - Back 2

Space Program - Back Space Program - Cover
Space Program - Side A Space Program - Side B
Space Program - CD

Lunar Testing Lab - Space Program IA011

1. Lunokhod
2. Majic Melter
3. S-Band
4. Star City
5. Oceax
6. Moon Zero-Two
7. Beam Waveguide
8. Mock Orange
9. Apolune
10. Nutone
11. Geodesy
12. Disastro
13. Orbiting Lunar Observatory
14. Lunik III
15. Re-Entry
16. Astro-B
17. Glacia
18. Magnitogorsk
19. Tier 3 DarkStar
20. Wavemagnet
21. Spacetop
22. Phantom Cosmonaut
23. Aerospike
24. Lunik III (Mare Ingenii Remix By Dorosoto)
25. Inverse Square
26. Majik Melter (Melt Up Mmx By Milieu)
27. ELV
28. Astro-B (Galactic Spectra Remix By The Red Falcon Projects)
29. Apselene

Written and produced by Lunar Testing Lab

For Gabby and Cassie
Thanks to Brian (Milieu), Steve (Red Falcon Projects), Tobacco (Black Moth Super Rainbow)
Extra thanks to Molly, Sean at i, absentee and Warren (Dorosoto)

Voted #5 album of 2008 - Tobacco of Black Moth Super Rainbow, Filter Magazine, 2008

"This album really impressed me…lots of super funked out psychedelic beat-trips a la Odd Nosdam, with all sorts of cool pretty ambient in-between tracks to tie the whole experience together. Tons of cool space titles and space sounds and space everything…if you’re a space cadet like me, you can’t go wrong with this album!" - Milieu, November 2008

Released: October 31, 2008. Debut album, featuring remixes from The Red Falcon Projects, Milieu and Dorosoto. 29 tracks, running over 70 mins.

Physical format CDr (prices include shipping)

United States - $10.00
Worldwide - $12.00

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