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Anyteazers / Swepstone Songs - Cover Anyteazers / Swepstone Songs - Back Anyteazers / Swepstone Songs - Inside
Anyteazers - Cover Anyteazers - Back
Anyteazers - Side A Anyteazers - Side B
Anyteazers - Side C Anyteazers - Side D
Swepstone Songs - Cover Swepstone Songs - Back
Anyteazers - CD Swepstone Songs - CD

Moustache Mountain / Forrest - Anyteazers / Swepstone Songs IA006

1. Moustache Mountain - My Life Is A Boring CSI
2. Moustache Mountain - Infinitrazer
1. Forrest - Quilted Pillows
2. Forrest - The Basement Light
2. Forrest - Figures (Fall Of The Good Leader)

"Anyteazers" by Moustache Mountain
Recorded at home in Akron in August '07 by Talon using chord organ, glockenspiel, acoustic / electric guitars, ebow, RC-50, "Beer Ave," digidelay, Boss Bass EQ, casio, voice, cutout boxes, Akai E1, fool's drive, contact mics, ibook
All sounds recorded live to comp, no add. processes.

"Swepstone Songs" by Forrest
Everything by Warren Kroll
Recorded February 2008
Thanks: Sean, Mike, Koen, Hilary, Akron friends and the Shwaa crew

Note: This release was limited to 25 copies and is now sold out. It was re-released by U-Cover, available here, which includes a third segment by Ontayso, entitled "Dune."

Released: June 16, 2008. Double 3" split release from Forrest (a.k.a. Dorosoto) and Moustache Mountain (a.k.a. Talons', Superstorms), limited to 25 copies. Packaged in hand-made boxes, individually numbered.

Physical format CDr (prices include shipping)

United States - $8.00
Worldwide - $10.00

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